Thoughts About Airplanes

Day Day No. 26 of the 2015 Ten Ideas A Day Challenge.

I've been able to fly places a little bit more in the last two years - mostly for LTP events. I'm incredibly thankful for that. I love flying. I wish I could fly more. Airplanes are some of the only places where I feel truly relaxed. I read more on airplanes, think more on airplanes, pray more on airplanes, write more on airplanes, and generally feel like if a light bulb is going to appear above my head it is 50% more likely to flicker on an airplane. I don't know why. Probably because you're stuck, uncomfortably, next to someone you don't know and there's literally not another option. It's all the options that really get you, so when they're all eliminated, all you've got is the option to sit and do something you probably wouldn't do if your phone worked - namely,


thing. That said, here are a few thoughts that I have about things related to air travel:

  1. Flying forces you to sit still and be.
  2. Flying gives you perspective. If all you've got is time to sit and think, then hopefully you're getting to the root of why you argued with your wife all morning before you left or what your leaving is actually a means toward for your future or if what you're doing matters and why and some of the resolve it will take to move forward, etc. Planes are a great place to plan, hope, dream. 
  3. Then of course there's the literal perspective of being on the clouds and looking at the Lego World beneath you and knowing that you are not the center of the universe. 
  4. The hostess explaining buckling a seatbelt to grown adults into the microphone that is blasting into your ear is in direct contrast to the above truths and has the potential to annoy you Into spending your whole "thinking time" wondering how in the world someone hasn't thought of something better yet.
  5. Flying is infuriating because for whatever reason, no one knows how to walk down the aisle without hitting you in the face with their bags or butt or elbow.
  6. When Satan realized he couldn't defeat Jesus he decided that he would begin to pour his time into travel and changed his name to American Airlines. 
  7. Satan's daughter's name is American Eagle.
  8. Satan and his daughter live in hell or, as some call it, Chicago's O'Hare. 
  9. You can read an entire Joshua Porter book, like "Nevada", depending upon how long your flight is, feel some sort of vague sense of guilt (and definite unease), and get completely nauseated / somehow enjoy yourself doing it. 
  10. You can wonder how people get away with charging $8 for one shot of not-that-good-alcohol, and how people still pay for it.
  11. You can look people straight in the eyes as they judge you while you walk past them to your seat. 
  12. You can practice sit-sleeping. 
  13. You can listening to N.T. Wrights "The Challenge Of Jesus" on audiobook and start laughing out loud because never in your life have you heard the types of things the dude is saying and you're not sure what to think but it's so surprising it elicits that kind of response. 
  14. You can keep rubbing your arm against the arm of the guy sitting next to you as a passive aggressive way of saying "please move out of the way you are not welcome here in my space this is my space for the love of God please stop touching me I am claustrophobic I want to hit you in the face please move closer to the window please can I push you out of the window get away from me" or something like that. 

Anyway. Those are a few of the thoughts that I have about airplanes as I sit here today, on an airplane. You're welcome. 

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