A List Of Books That I'd Like To Read This Year

I have made it a goal to read a lot of books this year. I've already read a couple (I know that "a couple" is laughable to some who are twenty novels in already, but give me a break). Here are a few others that I'm interested in. 

  1. The Challenge of Jesus, N.T. Wright. 
  2. On Writing, Stephen King. 
  3. The Raw Shark Texts, Stephen Hall.
  4. Scary Close, Donald Miller.
  5. Systematic Theology, Wayne Grudem.
  6. One Thing, Gary Keller.
  7. Prayer, Timothy Keller.
  8. How To Read A Book, Mortimer J. Adler.
  9. Center Church, Timothy Keller. 
  10. The Rise Of The Creative Class, Richard Florida.
  11. To Sell Is Human, Daniel Pink.
  12. The Jesus Storybook Bible, Sally Lloyd-Jones.
  13. Jack: C.S. Lewis & His Times, George Sayer.
  14. Freedom of the Will, Jonathan Edwards. 
  15. The Cross of Christ, John Stott.
  16. The Dark Tower Series, Stephen King.
  17. Do Over, Jon Acuff.
  18. Love Does, Bob Goff.
  19. Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, Peter Scazzero. 
  20. If You Feel Too Much, Jamie Tworkowski / Donald Miller.
  21. Gone Girl, Gillian Flynn.
  22. The Stand. Stephen King.
  23. The Kindly Ones, Jonathan Littell.
  24. Jim Henson: A Biography, Brian Jay Jones.
  25. Super Boys: The Amazing Adventures of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster - The Creators of Superman, Brad Ricca. 

I'm probably overdoing. I'd be completely blown away if I made it through even half of these books this year, but at least it's a good goal to shoot for. I'm always interested in more good reads, too. If anyone reads this, and has a suggestion or seven, please comment below and let me know. 

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