Inspiration Dump: Ten Things That Inspire Me

I used to write a weekly inspiration blog titled Like You Care - I may get back to that. Considering how common of a question "what's your inspiration" is for artists, it seems like a good idea. At any rate, here are ten things that have and/or currently inspire me creatively, personally, theologically, relationally, etc...

  1. Gary Keller's "One Thing" is a book that I'm listening to right now via Audible. Great content, but for what it's worth, I'd suggest reading it over listening to it. For a book about specifying purpose, I think he could have purposed to get a better narrator. 
  2. N.T. Wright's The Challenge Of Jesus is a book that my friend Donovan turned me onto, where Wright takes a historical look at Jesus and considers who he was within the context of the world he entered into in its specific time and place, and what that means for us in ours. I was shocked / perplexed / challenged by the direction the author took the historical implications of Jesus' life and ministry.
  3. Skateboarding Videos. Musician and long-time-friend Aaron Moreno is always showing me new skateboarding videos. I miss it. I'm just not willing to break bones anymore, I guess. How can a 25 year old be so old?
  4. BadChristian. I really do enjoy what those guys are doing so much. 
  5. Belief Agency. I am more and more interested in marketing and branding and all that that world encompasses. I appreciate Belief Agency because I see them affecting and effectively engaging it in a way that doesn't make me feel manipulated. A way that doesn't make me uneasy about buying into something that's empty behind the cover. 
  6. Modern Furniture. I walked around Tema Furniture for a while today. Not because I can afford any of it - just because I've always loved simplistic / minimalistic / modernistic. Looking at all of it inspired me more than any songs I've heard recently. 
  7. Stephen King. I've been on a kick for a while, and if you follow me, you know it. You might even be over it. I'm nowhere near over it, though. More from him to come from me.
  8. Forgiveness. 
  9. This amazing video.
  10. Ecumenical willingness. Maybe that's the wrong way to put it, but I was thinking about Bonhoeffer today, and my Reformed Pubcast interview today, and my BadChristian interview last month. I feel like I'm pretty easily pigeonholed into a "camp" theologically and, to some degree, I'm alright with that. I know the ways certain things resonate within me according to the story God has given me. But I love the conversation, and I think the work that Dietrich did with people outside of his camp even though he could have easily stood above most on the highest of horses is inspiring to me.
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