Eleven Things That I Want To Learn How To Do [Or Do Better] in 2015

Day Day No. 32 of the 2015 Ten Ideas A Day Challenge.

My music teacher in high school said that you should never stop learning (well, not you - you can do whatever you'd like - but would like to never stop learning with him). As I think through the beginning of this year and plans for the rest of 2015 and beyond it, there are things that I want to learn anew, and things that I know that I want to learn more of. Here are some of them: 

  1. How to use social media well. Buffer recently posted this article on how to save six hours per week online and stated that "Social media shouldn't be a time waster. It should be a money maker." I happen to enjoy Twitter above and beyond its ability to help my business grow, but I definitely waste time that could be (and should be) spent elsewhere. 
  2. Video editing. Since November of 2013, I've been performing my Levi The Poet sets to multimedia video backdrops that I created out of old home movies and public archive footage. Starting this week, I'm going to be putting together an entire sets' worth of visuals for the Correspondence (a fiction) album, and I'm hoping to get better at editing in the process.
  3. Handyman things. I don't know what they are. Carpentry? Building things? I just know that in the past two weeks, I've watched my house get bashed in over plumbing issues and drywalled back up again. It'd probably be great to know how to do something even remotely "manly" on my own. 
  4. A proper snatch. My wife is teaching an Olympic Weightlifting Course right now, and she's running her classes through technique work. Considering I've not been in the gym consistently since our Beginnings Tour in September / October, I'd love to learn from her. She's an amazing teacher. 
  5. Pray. Specifically: listen. 
  6. Rap. Everyone always bugs me about doing a rap album. I had a hip-hop project before Levi The Poet when I was in high-school, and Brandi's always said she liked that more than she's ever liked LTP. Maybe 2015 is the year an EP happens, who knows...?
  7. Make decisionsI may have written about this in a previous list, but I'm horribly indecisive. It drives me insane, my wife insane, and... well, it drives everyone insane. The thing about indecisive people is that you never really know whether or not they're actually satisfied, either, so you've got to tip-toe around them with this uncomfortable timidity and hope that they're telling the truth about whatever truth they're not telling you. That's annoying, and I don't like being that guy.
  8. Use the correct words according to their clauses. For example, I always misuse "that", "which" and "who" when speaking / writing. I'm sick of being lectured by my mom about it, so it's high time this writer learned how to write. 
  9. Listen. I know I said "listen" in relation to prayer, but I'd like to listen in relation to everyone a little better than I feel like I have. Did you hear this during the Superbowl: "Sometimes in order to get the most out of life you need to keep your eyes open and your mouth shut." - Dodge Commercial. Slow to speak. 
  10. ContendI want to be slow to speak, sure. But I also want to be willing to contend for the faith that I have...
  11. Exist. ...and I want to be willing to, as N.T. Wright says in his book, The Challenge of Jesus, "read the scriptures on your knees with your discipline and its problems on your heart... Learn new ways of praying with and from the pain - the brokenness of that crucial part of the world where God has placed you. And out of that prayer, discover ways of being peacemakers, of taking the risk of hearing both sides, of running the risk of being shot at from both sides. Are you, or are you not, a follower of the crucified messiah?"

I guess some of those goals ended up being more metaphysical than I thought they'd be when I started writing the list. That's okay. I'll stick with it. What are some things that you'd like to learn to do - or do better - this year? Feel free to comment below, and if you've got any suggestions for me, I'm all ears. 

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