Ten Reasons That I'm Incredibly Thankful For My Friends

Day Day No. 37 of the 2015 Ten Ideas A Day Challenge.

For what it's worth, the last two idea-challenge lists have been private, but I've done them. I guess you're all just going to have to take my word for it. (But it's true). 

That said, here are ten reasons that I'm thankful for my friends:

  1. They love me for who I am. Friends see all of your garbage. They see all of your hypocrisy. They hear all of your colorful language and they know who you are. I'm incredibly thankful for the friends that I have who love me through all of who I am.
  2. They help me process. And trust me, I take a long time to process. I talk everything out, and then talk it out again, and then come back five weeks later to talk out the same things that all of us thought were already talked out five weeks ago. 
  3. They show me who Jesus is. It is said by and of Christians that God manifests himself most clearly through his body - as in his people. I am so thankful for the faithfulness of many of my friends, who are such a clear picture of Christ to me that even in the times when I struggle the most to believe, I cannot deny the unconditional love of God through them. 
  4. They show me who Jesus isn'tLets not kid ourselves here. 
  5. They inspire me. God has gifted so many of us with so many different ideas, passions, thoughts, convictions, theologies (yes, theologies) - it's a miracle that we functions as friends at all. 
  6. Some of them love movies as much as I do. And unless you're Ben Keeney, the majority of them don't even talk during the entire film. 
  7. They've got wisdom I don't have. And I'd be nowhere without much of it. 
  8. They're art. I mean, some of them make art - sure - but they are art. Have you ever thought about how weird walking is? Or legs are? Have you ever been talking with your friend while you're walking but instead of listening to whatever they're saying, you just go off into some world and start thinking about how weird it is that they have legs and can balance on them?
  9. They introduce me to good music. I mean, some of it's just terrible, but a lot of it is good. 
  10. They are friends. It's nice to have people who are willing to be close to you even though you're such a terrible person. I mean, it's legitimately a miracle that any of us have friends at all. You might think I'm too hard on myself, or you, or all of us, but let's be real - we're not the greatest most of the time. I'm glad I've got friends who put up with me. 

I'm sure I've got a lot more reasons why I'm thankful for my friends - maybe another Idea Challenge for another day. What about you? What are some reasons you love your friends?

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