Ten Reasons I Would Love To Narrate for Audible

I've got to be honest, I think reading books for a living is a dream job. I'd LOVE to narrate for Audible - fiction or nonfiction. Here's why: 

  1. I enjoy it. I wish I had a library with a ladder and wonderful scotches and pipe tobacco on a mohogany desk (like Anchorman), where I could sit and read all day.
  2. I love learning. I always hated school, but I love learning. Reading is learning.  
  3. I don't know how assignments work, but I imagine it would broaden my horizons. Who doesn't get stuck in their niche? I'd like to be forced to broader landscapes. 
  4. Biographies. Man, people's lives are interesting. I don't know if I used to think that, but I do now. Everybody's got a story. 
  5. Fiction. You can just create whatever worlds you want to. 
  6. Maybe I'd be a good narrator. I mean, maybe not, but good Lord - there sure are some bad ones that I think I could outread tomorrow if I had the chance (in my humble opinion).
  7. Insight into worldview. Everyone's bias comes across in their story, even if they're convinced they don't have one. 
  8. My mom would be so happy to listen to my voice all the time (unless I got to read the Melinnium Trilogy - she never was big on The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo). 
  9. I always wish I read more. If it was my job I guess Id be forced to. Of course, at that point, I guess it could be argued that the enjoyment would be stripped away. I guess it's a risk I'd be willing to take, at this juncture. 
  10. Do readers get to meet authors? That'd be pretty neat. Or maybe it'd be terrible, like the guy in The Fault In Our Stars.  
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