Now Accepting Host Inquiries

On April 1st, I announced Chapter 03 of this year's series of DONT SINK tours, and included a list of cities and regions in the Eastern United States I'd like to bring the experience to. 

Crowdsourcing these dates - an experiment that began with Chapter 02 in the Central US region this March - turned out to be a success, and we're booking Chapter 03 in the same vein.

What that means is: we're now accepting host inquiries from people in and/or around the cities listed for June and July this summer. 

Just a heads' up as this is, again, an independently-booked tour (meaning I will be the booking agent as well as the artist): I will be out of the country and relatively unavailable until the third week of April. 

Please do not hesitate to enter yourself as a host for the tour, regardless. I will be accepting inquiries all month long while I am away, and - when it is doable - updating you all with specific needs as they arise. If you have not received a response from me beforehand, you will before the end of the month. 

It is my goal to begin Chapter 03 at the beginning of June, and work our way into mid-July. Please take a look at the list of cities, and submit your information after reading through all of the tour details found at, based upon your availability for those months.  

I want to give everyone a full month's worth of promotion time before your show, at minimum. Because of this, it will be imperative that we connect the dots before the end of this month, so please be on the lookout for a response from me by then. 

DONT SINK Ch. 02 was everything we wanted it to be. I hope that Chapter 03 will be the same. I look forward to receiving your inquiries this month, and seeing you shortly thereafter for a great time of music, poetry, coffee and conversation. 

Talk to you soon and, as always, thank you.