You Are Not Floating Alone T-Shirts & Posters Now Available

Today, I am pleased to introduce two brand new items in conjunction with the release of ANXIETY – my newest spoken word poem – which can be seen in the video at the bottom of this post. 

Not Floating Alone T-Shirt
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My goal in releasing this poem was to articulate an experience that not everyone either understands, or has words for. At the crux of the piece lies a lyric which reads:


the greatest gifts have been

beadlets of empathy sweat out as

pores drained of their blood

when the time has come to kiss in this garden, 

and whether it is for passion or betrayal or both

beneath the dichotomy between words separated by and

“you are not floating alone in this awful void” (<-- click to tweet this)

seems to retain its standing as the surefire echo of

transcendence incarnate. 


Not Floating Alone Poster
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When I first approached To Write Love On Her Arms about helping me get this poem out to people, I knew that it didn't hold much resolve. At best, the piece could be empathetic, but it certainly wasn't a ten-step plan toward a solution. I wrote about all of the whys through their website, here, but what I'd like to say today is this: 

Perhaps those blood-sweat beadlets of empathy are enough. The drops that hit the ground and make a sound like, "I've been there." And skin that heals after all the fear has been strained out of it, but you know that this, too, shall pass. Or, at least, someone else knows it for you. 

If you feel like you are floating alone in an awful void without anyone who understands, you are not. 

If you feel like the emptiness in that place will last forever, it will not. 

I'm thankful to Caleb Davis for illustrating this idea so well in the pieces of art we've chosen to release today. You can follow his work, here

We are only releasing 25 of the Not Floating Alone T-Shirts in white as pictured above, and will never print them again. They are being pressed as we speak, and we will pay them forward to you as soon as we receive them, here.

If you are able to join us at an upcoming date on the Summer '17 Tour with Keyoung, we'll have an alternate version of this design available for you there (tickets available now). As for the posters, I hope you love them. I've got one of my own hanging in the hallway of my house. I need the reminder as much as anyone. 

Watch ANXIETY here:


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