Messenger Coffee & Christmas Parties

Good morning!

As of today, Wednesday, November 21, our 5th Annual Your Friendly Christmas Tour is – save one day that's still open to any host interested (email here if so) – completely booked!

Here's the routing, and if you click on any of these dates, the link will take you straight to the website where you can purchase tickets for the show you'd like to attend. 


There are three different pricing options for almost all of these shows. We tried to keep them fun and, in the spirit of Christmas, came up with this: 


  • $10 Reindeer Pricing: Your "General Admission" Ticket

  • $12 Elf Pricing: "Give Us A Tip Because It's Christmas" Ticket

  • $15 Santa Pricing: "You're Really Feeling Generous & Want To Give Us A Gift" Ticket

We'll be honest with you – each price literally gets you the exact same thing (haha), which is: 

Entry to what we believe will be a fun and memorable Christmas-party experience, complete with holiday cheer, people smiling, cups of hot coffee, an occasional Christmas cocktail, etc. 

For those of you who have never had the pleasure of attending one of these Christmas tours before, here's a really brief rundown of how each night normally plays out: 


  • Guests arrive, are greeted at the door, and begin to settle in by grabbing seats, drinks, and refreshments. Music is playing and holiday cheer abounds.

  • If there is some sort of activity involved theme (ugly sweater, raffle, white elephant, etc.) everyone is invited to take a seat and said activity is explained and initiated (check your ticket link for any show-specific details here).

  • After that, Dan, Kris and I usually roll dice (or, roll for initiative, just in case you're super into Dungeons and Dragons) to see what order we're going to be playing the show in. This isn't a typical tour with a main act each night - it's each of us as equals enjoying one another's company with our guests. Dan and Kris play songs, and I recite poetry - all acoustic and unamplified.

  • After all the performances there is usually a break for refreshments and mingling/discussing the show. This generally takes around 20 minutes or so, but it varies from night to night. There is also a great opportunity at this point to name the contest or raffle winner if it applies to this show.

  • Everyone is invited to be seated again to sing 3-5 Christmas songs together.

  • After the carols are sung, the guests can hang out at the party for as long as our hosts permit, but are also unleashed from their cages and free to leave (just kidding - we're never unlocking the cages).

Each show will be themed (as generally as "Christmas" and as specifically as"A Stranger Things Christmas" in some cases), and your show's theme will be included in the actual ticket link for the event (again, listed above).

In addition, we will be serving specialty, pour-over coffee for the fifth year in a row, and this year's beans will be provided by Messenger Coffee, roasted with love in Kansas City, Missouri.

That said, they're also providing us with a special, 15%-off coffee coupon-code to pay forward to our guests on the tour. In years past, quite a few people have taken us up on these codes in order to try new coffees that they otherwise wouldn't (or wouldn't be able to) purchase without it. Whether you're a connoisseur who's down for something different, or brand-new to the coffee train that I always seem to be encouraging people to hop on, the code is live right now for anyone who wants to take advantage of it.

To use it, visit, and enter this coupon code when you check out: friendly15

That code is good for four months, so if you absolutely love the stuff, feel free to continue to take advantage of it. Messenger told us that it will be live until the end of March, so Y'all are getting the hookup. 

I'm gonna use the code, too. I'm not sure if they give us an option to leave a memo with our purchases yet, but if so, please join me in thanking them for blessing us with this sponsorship. I think that serving coffee is one of the best / most special parts of these evenings, because - as cheesy as this might sound - it gives us an opportunity to break down whatever barriers might otherwise exist over a good cup, and the conversations that so easily ensue. 

[And yes, I'm going to do my darnedest to learn "It's All Worth Living For"for this tour, and talk about cups of 4 AM coffee with our friends (trust me, though, there's nothing bad about the beans at Messenger).]

So stoked to see you guys for the last tour of 2018!

Levi (and, vicariously, Dan and Kris)

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