The Making Of: ANXIETY Artwork with Caleb Davis



Nap Taker, Back Rubber, Karaoke Extraordinaire (and Artist, also...)

Today, I wanted to highlight an amazing artist and friend, Caleb Davis – aka. @Trash_Flower_ – specifically related to his work on my newest release: ANXIETY. I've known Caleb since we were both just out of high school, and the very first show that I ever played in Albuquerque was with his band, Braillist. Alex Sugg – composer behind all things musical when it comes to LTP – was also in that band. 

At any rate, Caleb just finished creating new cover art for the ANXIETY single we released this Tuesday, and I wanted to share some of his process with you – at least, to the extent that you are able to experience it as a series of images. 

From first to final, here is a glimpse into what creative progression looks like, drafted out unto its conclusion: 

And – finally – the cover we landed on is: 

I love the way it turned out, and between us, this isn't the only Trash Flower art you'll see in relation to ANXIETY... 

 Listen to / Download ANXIETY on iTunes here.

Find and follow more of Caleb Davis' work via his Instagram account, here


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