Dimitri Bryan

Today, I'm pleased to share a piece by Dimitri Bryan. Every month, I have been featuring a piece of art submitted by a member of Fraction – be it poetry, photography, painting, video, etc. Whatever your craft, I'd love to see it. Check out Fraction today for an opportunity to see your work here.

Dimitri originally posted this poem to our Fraction Facebook Group page, not more than a week ago. He's has been a member of Fraction ever since it began in March 2017, and I've had the pleasure of meeting him multiple times when playing shows where he lives in Columbus, Ohio.

I've really enjoyed connecting with Dimitri through Fraction, and was excited about the piece when he shared it with us. I asked him what, if anything, he'd like to share as inspiration for the work: 

In honor of poetry day, this is a poem I wrote based on a dream I had. I was struggling with not feeling my Mom with me anymore since her passing and this came along. I truly believe it was from her. You are all special.

It was the day of a great festival.

There was a child and a bird.

The bird said to the child, "Coo, coo, If only it would stop raining, then people would see my pretty hat.” Why would you want them to see a thing like that? The child yelled back. Ah you see my dear, everyday I’ve been collecting pieces and every time this awful rain comes it ruins another piece. Piece of what, asked the child. Silly thing, my hat you see, I have been crafting something great to share with the whole town, but if it doesn’t stop raining I may never get to. Well... would you like some help, the child asked. “My, quite a curious one aren’t we?Yes I think I’d like that, I’d like that very much.” So the bird and the child searched far and wide, but couldn’t find any missing pieces. The child, confused and slightly frustrated said “Why haven’t we found anything, we’ve been in out in this dreadful rain for so long”! The bird simply turned her head toward a crying sky, and then to the child and said “Sometimes we have to go searching in the most tumultuous places to find something worth building.” Sure enough there in the mud, was a single piece. “It must of belonged to someone very important!”The child shouted, frustration now replaced with elation. 

As a matter of fact it does, the bird said as a smile as warm as the sun found its way to her face. “Well who then?!”, wondered the child, emotions like the very deluge they had been standing in only a moment ago.



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[Photo by Liv Bruce]

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