FERMENT – Another new, Digital EP

Earlier this week – on the first of the year – I released DEBRIS: a digital EP, featuring two new songs, remixed by Glowhouse's Alex Sugg

Tonight – right now – I'm excited to release the original songs, written by Andy Othling.

Writing these tracks – Sommelier and Carl Sagan's Smoking Chair – with Andy was an experiment in the truest sense of the word. It was the first time I've written with anyone other than Alex (who has been the genius behind Seasons and Correspondence [a fiction]). 

Andy and I have become good friends over the years of working together on Levi The Poet records. Aside from our personal friendship, we are two of the only people (that we know of) in Albuquerque who are currently working on music full-time, and there's a camaraderie there because of it.

At the beginning of last year, I visited Andy's studio with a bunch of new lyrics, and we wrote both of these songs together in – if I remember correctly – a day or two. [Well, when I say we, I mean he (along with the help of our friend Jacob Fox from the band Archibald on drums) but that's how most LTP tracks come together: with lyrics and an idea, and some other musical genius of a human who is not me completing the vision]. 

Quite a few people have asked me why I'd release the remixes before the originals. Aside from simply hoping people would ask exactly that question, both of the forthcoming FERMENT songs are different than anything I've ever put out beneath the LTP moniker – more the vibe of a full band than a digital release. 

As I said, we wanted to experiment. We wanted to do something new. 

I hope that you enjoy what you hear. 

To those of you reading / listening / following: thanks for sticking by an artist who hasn't exactly stayed in a lane throughout the years. One who does weird stuff just for the sake of doing it, and growing, and learning, and changing, and hoping, and trusting.

God has been good, and you have been kind. 


P.S. If you would like to purchase FEBRIS and support my work, you can find the EP through the following links on:

FERMENT is also available on Spotify, and one of the best (and only) ways that artists benefit from streaming platforms is when folks add our work to your playlists for regular rotation. If you’d like to add either of these tracks - or any of my other work - to yours, I’d appreciate it.

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