Introducing Fraction

Today, I am excited to introduce something new to you.

As of this morning, I've been writing the LTP Weekly Letter for just about ten months – save a brief break to dive into my new album at the beginning of January. 

Last May, I had the idea to challenge myself by committing to writing letters, essays and think-pieces on a weekly basis. When I presented the idea to you, the response was incredible. I received – and continue to receive – overwhelmingly positive feedback from those of you who have supported this Levi The Poet project, and my wife and me as humans, and Gilbert The Cat, throughout the years.

I hope that our proximity to one another – albeit digitally and, in many cases, oceans away – has proven to enrich your life. It has enriched mine. So many of you have written me back with thanks, questions, concerns, joys and failures and encouragement. Please know that your words do not go unread. Some of the conversations have been invaluable, and I have learned so much from you. 

That said, thanks to your feedback, and a vision of my own, I've been dreaming of a way to improve what this LTP Weekly is. I've been working hard on doing just that, and today, I am pleased to reveal some changes, and to invite you to participate in:


When you join Fraction, you'll receive:

  • The Weekly Letter + The Audio Letter. The LTP Weekly is a private letter that includes stories, thoughts and inspiration every Sunday night to start your week, including articles I haven't shared anywhere else, and personal updates on projects I'm working on. You'll receive the written letter, as well as an exclusive audio version of it, as read by yours truly


  • The Fraction Community + Feature Artwork. Become a Fraction member and get to know the whole community. Ask questions, lend suggestions, and interact through our Fraction Forum, and connect in our private Facebook Group. In addition, have a chance to see your work – whether poetry, painting, sketches, illustration, design, etc. – published online through a monthly, public Guest Feature on my blog. 


  • Monthly Fraction-Only Live Stream. Lets talk! Whether it's a private Q&A, suggestions you have for new material, or discussing aliens... here, for our Fraction Platinum members, we'll spend an hour or so enjoying one-another's company.


  • Private Listening Parties. With the upcoming release of a new record, multiple singles and other projects on the way, here you'll receive free entry into our private, online listening parties for new releases.


  • Exclusive Fraction Merchandise. Receive Fraction-Member-Only merchandise and memorabilia, including a t-shirt and an exclusive Fraction Member Appreciation enamel pin. 


  • Exclusive, storewide discounts on every new Levi The Poet release. Be it a t-shirt or an album, physical or digital, old or new – you name it – for the whole year.


  • Never-Released Live Show Footage. Enjoy live, high-definition video recordings of seven never-before-released Correspondence (a fiction) performance pieces.


  • Behind The Scenes, Drafts, and Early Releases. You'll get a first look at new chapters and lyrics, written drafts and commentary, including exclusive behind-the-scenes chances to experience and participate in the creative process. Oh, and you'll get early access to... everything.


  • The Entire Written & Audio Archive + Five High School Rap Tracks. Access the complete LTP Family Letter history - both written and audible. In addition, you will have the opportunity to access and laugh at five rap songs that Levi wrote lyrics and beats for in high school, and recorded as a teenager in his bedroom at his parent's house. 


  • Your Name In The Credits. So long as you are a Fraction Platinum member before the 2016-2017 Weekly collection goes to print, you can count on seeing your name in the acknowledgements for making it possible.


  • Access to a growing, Fraction-Only Private Music Playlist. Life is loud. Drown out the noise with this specially curated Fraction-Only Spotify Playlist.


  • Free, 50-pg eBook & Audiobook on the relationship between Belief and Creativity. [Correspondence (a commentary)]

Up until now, the LTP Weekly has been a hobby of mine, and – as hobbies go – there have been some inconsistencies (for instance, as you well know... notevery letter has been available on Sunday night).

This will change that. You have my guarantee that your Weekly Letter will be on time, every Sunday night. 

As the months have gone by, your responses are stronger, and my desire to pour time and effort into this project grows. In order to do that, I am inviting you to be an even more integral part of it with me.

I called this project Fraction for multiple reasons.

The first is that every single one of us is a part of the whole – and that includes you.

You matter. I tell you as often as I can.

The second being that this project is also a part of the whole of what Levi The Poet is – and not only will Fraction provide the resources necessary to make the Weekly a self-sustaining project, it will help fuel the creation of new albums, poems, videos, books, studio time and more. 

Will you sign up to become a Fraction member?  

As of right now, we have three membership options available, and you can sign up for free or take advantage of everything that our Gold and Platinum memberships have to offer.

You matter. Thank you so much for sticking with me through these years – some of you have been here for as many as 8 now – literally since I started – and it is amazing to be a part of this life with you. Over the course of the next week, I am planning to continue to fill you in on Fraction, so you can expect me to be a little bit more active in your inbox while we roll this out. Stay with me – I'm excited for all that the future holds. 


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