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Good afternoon!


First of all... thanks so much to those of you who have signed up to be a part of Fraction. I'm excited to get the first LTP Weekly of this new endeavor to you this Sunday.

That said, I have some changes to announce.

As this week has gone by, I have been asking everyone for feedback. Feedback on the website, feedback on the Member Platform, feedback on Fraction itself – everything.

The most frequently asked question is about whether or not a monthly Fraction membership is possible. Many of you have written me back saying that you wished I had originally included that as an option.

That said, I have chosen to rearrange things a bit... Almost no one has signed up for Fraction Gold, but a lot of people are asking if there's a way to join on a month-to-month basis in order to have some of the same incentives as the Platinum members....

From the beginning, I told you that I want to do everything I can to make sure this is something that's actually wanted and worth it and beneficial for you... so, based on your feedback, I am going to make a few changes as we keep rolling out this week's Fraction release.

Today, I am giving you the option of a Monthly Fraction Membership. I am going to change the Gold Package to a cheaper, monthly membership – but I'm going to give you a lot more with it.

Actually, I am giving you almost everything with it.

If you sign up to become a monthly member, you will receive what was already offered with the package – The LTP Weekly Written & Audio Letter and The Fraction Community & Private Facebook Group – but in addition, I will give you:

  • Discounts for everything on the LTP store - old or new, for as long as you remain a member
  • The Fraction Community & Private Facebook Group
  • An invitation to participate in monthly, Live Hangouts
  • Free access to listening parties
  • Rap tracks that kickstarted this endeavor 15 years ago
  • Access to never-before-seen live show footage
  • A Free, 50pg eBook & audiobook on creativity and belief
  • The Fraction Music Playlist

I just want to let you know that I have heard your requests, and am doing everything I can to make this whole thing as beneficial for you as possible, so...

Fraction Monthly is now an available option if you'd like to participate.

Thank you SO MUCH for speaking up and letting me know what you guys want and need. I am excited about this project, but I want you to be excited, as well, and I hope this helps.

Every piece is a part of the whole, and that includes you.

You Matter. Thank you. And thanks for sticking with me / putting up with more messages than normal this week.


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