Nature, Nurture & Gilbert The Cat Collectibles (Yes, We Really Did It)

Good morning!

It's Levi again. I know I said that I was going to write yesterday... but my brain wasn't thinking about Mother's Day when I wrote that, and I figured it wasn't the right time when our focuses should be elsewhere. 

That said... I hope that the mothers receiving this enjoyed themselves yesterday. As for me, I had a great dinner with my mom. We sat on her back patio and once the afternoon rains had come and gone, the sky opened up into a beautiful blue, and the warm, golden sun shone down on our evening meal. It was gorgeous (plus, I got to sit next to my nephew, Arlo, and he smiled at me a lot, so I'll take it as a sign of his acceptance, thank you very much...)

On Saturday, I told you that I wanted to unveil something that I though you'd both love and laugh at, so, without further adieu, I would like to present to you the long awaited introduction of…

Gilbert! The Cat

Gilbert The Cat | 3" Embroidered Patch
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Gilbert The Cat | 1.5" Enamel Pin
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(And yes, I absolutely used Godzilla to help us present this new release to you – I know it’s not a “professional picture” – I have those, too – but this simply seemed like the most fitting option.)

Perhaps you’ve heard of Gilbert? 

Perhaps you’ve seen my absurd Instagram highlight reel that I’ve collected throughout the years? We’re good friends, this dude and me. 

Little fluffy hairball boy?

Often goes by other names such as:

Gilly Billies, Gilbo, Bilbo and – every now and then – “You Annoying Alarm Clock?”

Well, it’s official. He just got his big break.

He doesn’t care, though. He’s just hungry.

People have been asking for some Gilbert The Cat souvenirs for a long time. Today, then, I bring you both a patch and a pin.

The patch is a 3" embroidered, stitch-or-iron-on wonderland, and the pin is a 1.5" enamel goldmine – each of which filled with all of the love and care that a heart as black as my cat's is capable of holding. 

If you’d like to watch any of my interactions with our fluffy friend, I’ve saved a ton of great ones in my Instagram Highlights, here.

Personally, I think these are hilarious, and capture Gilbert's general sense of I-couldn't-possibly-care-less-no-matter-how-obnoxiously-you-yell-my-name attitude. If you'd like to commemorate a solid five or six year's worth of me obnoxiously yelling the Gilbert's name, regardless...

pick up your patch and pin today.

In addition to the introduction of our furry friend's latest "line," I'm also super excited about these new t-shirt designs that our friend Justin Lauer at Long Live helped us conceptualize. I'd like show and tell you a little bit about each one, below:

Nature / Nurture

Nature / Nurture T-Shirt
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Without stripping everything from the imagination, here's what we came up with as far as the imaging goes:

We wanted it to tell the story of pain’s necessity for growth and maturity. It is, perhaps, a refiner’s fire, or the water poured atop seeds planted in soil ripe for growth and nurtured to life, abundantly.

The hands that craft the process…? They’re pierced through and through.

Justin originally posted this piece as a Long Live design that had nothing to do with Levi The Poet, and I asked if I could buy it from him. I hardly ever do that with originally-unrelated pieces, but I loved it, and felt as though it fit perfectly for so much of what many of us – you and me and everybody – inevitably discover. And also: much of what this project has entailed throughout the years. Whether its as old as the "refining fire" lyrics that I wrote to Fatigue back in the Werewolves days, or as recent as "life beating the binaries out of you," I'm stoked about the story this illustration tells.

(Plus, it's like the dopest oversize print that we've ever done on a shirt before – the thing is huge, and even our friends at Screen Kings, who press all of our tees, said that he’s never printed on a screen this big. I think you’ll dig it.)

Pick one up!

And last but not least… a recent rebrand of an old tee. Before I get into too much trouble for this one, though, please read about why I have this shirt available in the first place, below.

F*ck Death

“Death is an impostor in a world breathed out for life…”

I am fully aware that this design is not for everyone, but as it is based off of one of my favorite pieces of writing that I've ever been able to pen – an Easter blog that I wrote and titled, F*ck Death (Happy Resurrection Day) – I have been itching to bring the shirts back.

To this day, I don’t know that I’ve been able to find more suitable words for what I see as life’s victory over death’s sting. Perhaps this quote says it best:

“There is an entire world of people out there who need to hear things spoken to them unencumbered by cultural offenses. I know because I am one of them. I resonate most deeply with those willing to speak the most bluntly and be the most broken and still - somehow, despite everything that seems to scream for the abandonment of their faith - rejoice in pointing to the cross of Christ, which is the epitome of brokenness and suffering and offense, and Jesus’ resurrection from the dead.”

This is, technically, a "rebrand" of these pocket-tees, which originally only said the words, without the skull. I am a big fan of the way that Justin helped me capture the simplicity of the message – because that’s where the power is – with a little bit of added, traditional(ish) tattooed skully flare.

Until today, each of these designs has been available on our Fraction Club Storefront, as one of the perks for those folks is always first dibs. That said, we only have a limited amount of each design in our current stockpile remaining, so if you’d like in on this round, get them here while supplies last.

Thanks so much for your support, in advance. If you have any questions or concerns or fun stories or exciting things to share, feel free to hit me back on email, and I will be back in touch before too awful long, as well.

With love and sincerity and all that I have to offer,


P.S. One final thing... just in case you missed it yesterday, I'd love to send you a birthday gift. I started doing it in January for the people who already gave it to me in the past, and it has made for some super fun, one-of-a-kind projects. In order to make it work for you, though, I need you to tell me when your birthday is. Click here to let me know, or just add it to your order information in your cart when you check out from the store.

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