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Today I want to introduce you to the Ink & Echo podcast, hosted by my friends Josh Gaines & Andy Othling. Those of you who can remember back far enough will recognize Josh as Abraham The Poor – a musician from Albuquerque who invited me to collaborate with him years ago. (You can jam that track here.) Josh lives in Denver now, and is pursuing a career as an author, among other creative endeavors. Andy Othling (a.k.a. Lowercase Noises) lives just east of Albuquerque still, and is the mix / master man behind the last two Levi The Poet records, Seasons and Correspondence (a fiction)

Last Thursday, I had the chance to sit down with Josh & Andy to have what turned out to be a pretty vulnerable and candid conversation about the relationships that exist between artists and fans, what it feels like to know that those relationships are directly connected to sustaining a livable income, thoughts on a person’s online persona as it relates to professionalism and the risks taken to be a genuine human being, and identity and worth as they relate to what we do and who we are. 

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Be forewarned – this is a 2.5-hour-long doozy that is at times hilarious, at times tentative, and at times (more than likely) just straight up confusing. As I listened back through it yesterday, I laughed, appreciated the camaraderie found in our conversation, cringed and freaked myself out, and wondered just what in the world was happening all at once. As a disclaimer, this podcast does contain some moments of profanity, so please just be aware of that going into the conversation if you find yourself sensitive to it. We talk a bit about that, in particular, actually. 

I am a genuine fan of Ink & Echo, and was so excited to be on it. This is my formal invitation to you to listen in, if you’d like, and giggle as I try to sell a ridiculous sponsor spot, talk about my cats, and even participate in an epic Eminem rap battle with Josh, who has long shared my affection for that angry blonde. 

I love you all. Podcasts are, frankly, an intimidating medium of expression for me. As someone who takes a great deal of time to craft my words on paper, I think it can be kind of scary to just hit record on a conversation and put it out in the open. However, that very reality is also what I love about it, as things like this prove to be the epitome of what I’ve always longed to be and to model – a human who longs to pursue Jesus, make art, love God and serve neighbor well, and to try to do those things as honestly as possible. One who often fails, who often turns eyes from the object of my faith and the finish line ahead in exchange for self-absorbed pontifications or genuine questions that can leave me confused… but not lost.

I’m thankful to have been able to talk about a little bit of those things all out in the open with the Ink & Echo Podcast. Listen for yourself, here.


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