John Blackley

Today, I'm pleased to share with you a photo set and poem by John Blackley (check out his Instagram here). Every month, I am featuring a piece of art submitted by a member of Fraction – be it poetry, photography, painting, video, etc. Whatever your craft, I'd love to see it. Check out Fraction today for an opportunity to see your work here.

John has been an incredible part of what Fraction is. We have a private Facebook group that the members can get to know one another in, and during the month of April, John gave all of us writing prompts on a daily basis for the whole of Poetry Month. He's been a rad dude to get acquainted with, albeit from afar, and it's an honor to see folks like him so invested in his own growth as a writer and artist – not to mention keeping the rest of us up to par so well. 


Here's a poem from John, as well: one that he did as a part of the April Poetry Month Challenge that I told you about above, and - of course - an ode to Kendrick (which I couldn't help but include here, seeing as how the love is mutual)... 


Did I mumble?

Dont make yourself bigger than you are, look around and see the world around you. 

Roll up your sleeves and do the work Its not about making money but about loving people.

Stop living just to fill your wallet look around and see everyone else,

rather than just yourself in the mirror.

Stop praising yourself and your two hands.

Don't brag about how much money you make each week,

because you scab and cheat the system to suit yourself.

How about you use your money to help others.



Thank you for checking out these photos and words by John Blackley – one of our few resident Australians who is a member of Fraction: an online platform where fans and friends of Levi The Poet can sign up, not only to receive exclusive writing and content, but to submit work of their own to be discussed and considered for publication – be it the poem by Christian Mack last month, or this photo set and poem, here. 

I'd love to invite you to consider joining Fraction, yourself, on either a Yearly or Monthly basis. Your membership supports this Levi The Poet project, as a whole, including other things, like being alive. If you'd like to consider participating in Fraction with a bunch of other folks, please check it out here

Finally, follow John on Instagram for more dope pictures, and some writing of his own (and give him some love for contributing his art to this world).