Kickstarter Shows & Thank Yous

When we launched our Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign for Correspondence (a fiction) last year, one of the options we included “for purchase” was a private show in the supporter’s hometown. Or a public show. Or just any kind of show that they wanted to throw. So far, we’ve fulfilled those packages in Buckhannon, West Virginia and Ada, Oklahoma and last night, in Oklahoma City. 

There’s always something insane about hearing the way that your art has affected someone’s life. A few night’s ago, our backer who threw the concert decided to make it available to the public. He got on stage for his own poetry set, and completed it by thanking me for the way my poetry - specifically Resentment - moved him to begin writing and honestly expressing himself through spoken word. 

I don’t take that kind of compliment lightly. I know the artists who did that same thing for me growing up, and it is humbling to think that any of my work has had even a fraction of the impact on others that those whose art I love has had on me. 

I guess I don't know where the line falls between whether or not someone perceives a "thank you” as a #humblebrag, or as genuine. I also know that, usually, when someone has to qualify his own thing as "genuine," that's usually a surefire sign that it's not. But here I am, just wanting to say thank you, because there would be no place of influence, no comment on appreciation or inspiration or helpfulness, were it not for people like you, supporting what we've done, and giving me the opportunity to share it year in and year out. 

So thanks, Drew, for throwing a bomb show in OKC and letting other people come in and hang. And thanks to the rest of you - whether you’ve thrown a show, or been to a show, or bought a record, or shared a link, or sent an email, or shaken hands, or simply heard a track and decided it was something you could jive with. We - quite literally - couldn’t do it without you. 

The future holds exciting things, and we hope you continue to enjoy what comes. In the in-between, thanks for existing inside of this world with us. We value you and honor you and want you to know how thankful we are for the very real emotional / monetary / spiritual / relational / communal support so many of you have given us - at home, and out on the road.

We’ve got a couple more Kickstarter Gigs to fulfill. If you’ve not heard Correspondence (a fiction) yet, pick it up on vinyl here, cd here, digital here, or grab the entire collection with lyric magazines and all, here

Thank you, 


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