Zack Kidwell – Let Me Show You the world

Today, I'm pleased to share a poem by Zackary Kidwell titled, Let Me Show You The World

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I asked Zack if he'd be willing to share some of the inspiration behind this poem. Here's what he had to say: 

I wrote this the night of my first son’s birth. Just like in the weekly letter published today on “ship it,” (check out the archives, here) I’ve hesitated “shipping” this piece. It is not perfect. It was a first draft. A moment of creativity that I wrote down the thoughts rushing through my head in a beautiful moment. Maybe I will add more to it, or leave it as it is, but for whatever it is worth, here it is...

Let Me Show You The World...

If this day weren’t real, I'd still dream of it every night. The silence just before your small little cries. The moment before my heart became more full of love than I have ever known. Yes, it even beats the love that I have for your mother. I want to welcome you into this world. It is not always as dark and ugly as it may seem. This planet is indeed fading quickly, and our country seems to be faltering at its core; but you, you shine bright today. In the midst of all of this chaos and confusion, you are the peace that surpasses it all. Your innocence could soften the hardest heart; and my hands are so rough. Your skin is so soft. They belong in two separate categories and should be furthest from one another; but here I am, holding you. Completely unworthy of your presence or to be touching you with these hands. I hear your whimpers while you sleep. I imagine that you are conquering giants; fooling them with your small appearance. Tiny as you may be, when you open up your eyes; I see the universe. I see God. I see the time that He himself took shaping you and molding you into this beautiful creation. You are incredible! You are a masterpiece. You are mine. I will do my best to take care of you. Let me show you the world.

Thank you for checking out these words by Zack.

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[Photo by bady qb]

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