Levi The Poet in Cosmopolitan Magazine

Hey everybody!

It’s Levi. I hope you’re all doing great and have the best plans in the entire world scheduled for this weekend.

This month, I got some pretty cool news from a kind woman named Cat at Cosmopolitan UK magazine…

They decided to include me in their June 2019 issue alongside a few other poets (not the least of which, Kate Tempest, who I’ve been a fan of for a long time, and was really excited about)!

Anyway, Cat sent me the page to share with you wonderful people, so that’s what I’m doing today to end the week off right.

Know - Poets Of Instagram (PDF file).jpg

As you can see, they even gave The Fraction Club a shoutout, which rules. Fraction has become such a cool little community of diverse people hanging out together in my Discord server, and I’m glad it has gotten some recognition.

Anyway, I’m grateful to all of you humans out there who have listened to and supported my work – whether at a show, or over the internets, or however – during the last ten years. It’s pretty wild to see some of what has come of this project after all of this time, and none of it would have been possible had you not deemed it a worthwhile thing to encourage and contribute to. For that, I am forever thankful.

Appreciate you very much, and hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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