Oneonta, New York

Good evening, fellow humans of the world!

It’s Levi, the person. I am writing this blog from Brooklyn, New York, in the home of a man you know well (at least vicariously) through this LTP project: Alex Sugg.

Alex, if you’ll remember, has written almost every musical accompaniment to my poetry since we first started adding it in while recording Seasons back in 2012. (You can listen to his Glowhouse project, here.)

Anyhoo. I’m playing two back-to-back shows tomorrow and Wednesday night in a quaint little upstate New York town called Oneonta.


Any by “Playing Shows…” this time – I mean something a little bit different.

This is my fifth year joining the students and faculty at Hartwick College for an annual Fall performance, and we decided to mix things up a bit this November.

Rather than doing my normal poetry set, or a full-on audio-visual production, I’m going to be reciting a few pieces that might be familiar, but also: reading from various unreleased poetry, prose and essays, giving brief introductions/explanations for each, and inviting feedback, questions and insight from the attendees.

My host-become-friend, Chris Deemer, explained that he and the students at the college were going to be inviting a counseling service to the event, and hoped to open the students up to a more conversational back-and-forth about trauma and loss – two things that my family and I have experienced much of in this life.

Frankly, I’m looking forward to a couple of evenings with the opportunity to participate in something that I most love: making a concerted effort to love others well. If it’s through poetry, fantastic. If it’s through the conversations that follow thereafter, wonderful.

If you find yourself in Upstate New York tomorrow night, or Wednesday night, or both, consider yourself invited. Both events are free and open to the public, and I’ll look forward to joining you there.

With love and sincerity and all that I have to offer,


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