Open Air Podcast w/ Alex Sugg

Today, I'm excited to share my recent interview with the Open Air Podcast. This should be particularly intriguing to those of you who have been fans of my own transition into more music-driven spoken word records over the course of the last few years, because Open Air is hosted by my good friend Alex Sugg, who wrote all of that music

Alex is not only the composer behind Correspondence (a fiction), he's written and licensed music for folks like Beats By Dre, Airbnb, Jet Blue, Universal, Complex, Skillshare, and more. His love for business and – especially – entrepreneurial startups, is something that I resonate with, and enjoy geeking out about with him. 

Alex is my friend. We've known one another for almost a decade now, and our stories of loss and life have been intertwined in heartbreaking and beautiful ways during the time that we've known one another. His is a story of hope that keeps me going through some of my own bouts of darkness, and it's an honor to be featured on his podcast. 

With the weekend ahead, hopefully you've got a little bit of time to sit down with us and be a part of the conversation. We talk about a little bit of our history, my love for hip hop, my wholly narcissistic desire to be worshipped as a god, small business and self-employment, how – if there is such a thing as "glamour" as a touring artist – it makes up approximately 1% of the entire career, the inherent goodness of creation, what a normal, unhealthy day in the life of said "glamorous" career looks like, and how Madcap Coffee is the classiest coffee shop in the country. 

Probably because of the nature of our relationship, I think this podcast is one of the most comfortable conversations that I've given anyone the chance to sit in on, and I'm thankful Alex asked me to be a part of helping kick it off. 

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With things like this, your ratings go a long way, so please – if you enjoy the conversation – take the three and a half seconds it takes to throw some love our way, and rate the show. Alex has a ton of amazing artist and creative interviews coming up in the near future – you don't know about it, but I know about it – take my word for it. If you're a podcast fan, it's worth the subscription. 

Lastly, if you have any questions while listening, please don't hesitate to ask! You can reach out to both Alex and me on Twitter, at @alexsugg and @levithepoet

Thanks for being the best crew that a dude could ask for. 




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