Upcoming Shows, New Tours and You

Picture by  Tyler Watley . 

Picture by Tyler Watley

Good afternoon, folks! 

Brandi and I are headed to Ohio tomorrow to start a week's worth of poetry-shows there. I'm super thankful for the people who responded with interest to my last-minute request to fill some dates this week, and looking forward to sharing a few evenings together with you guys.

Here is the information for the shows coming up this week...


In addition, I just announced a new tour beginning July 22nd with my friends in the band My Epic.

We're playing six shows together beginning in New Orleans, and ending back east in Lynchburg, Virginia. 

As you can see from the routing below, I've got one date – July 23rd – that is currently open and available, and I'd be interested in filling between New Orleans and Orlando, if anyone would like to take it and host a Levi The Poet show on my way out to Florida. (If so, please email us here.)


Finally, as you can see above, this tour with My Epic ends in Virginia, which means I'm currently in the process of booking another week or two – at minimum – back west toward Albuquerque


Here's where you come in... 


Although I have already begun to lock shows in, and will have an announcement soon about when and where, we are currently asking for inquiries from anyone east of the coast, and west of New Mexico, who would like to host a solo, Levi The Poet tour date in your town. 


For the sake of maintaining some semblance of mystery, I won't be disclosing what, exactly, I have planned for the tour insofar as my set is concerned, but I will say that it'll be a new show that I haven't taken out on the road before, featuring material old-and-new, and I'd love to nail down the dates as soon as possible. 


If you happen to be a human living anywhere between the Atlantic Ocean and my hometown here in Albuquerque, New Mexico at the bottom of the Rocky Mountains, and you are interested in bringing a LTP show to your city for an evening of poetry, music and performance (and probably some laughing), please contact us here as soon as possible


For your convenience, I've written out a detailed breakdown of what, exactly, I'm looking for on these dates.


Click here to find out how to book a Levi The Poet show this August


[Please read this information about my show / what booking a Levi The Poet event looks like before you shoot us a message in order to make certain that you will be able to fulfill the necessary requirements.]


I'm really looking forward to being back out on the road this summer / fall, and have some fun stuff planned. These will be some of my first shows in the States after having released Cataracts this year, and I can't wait to share an evening with you soon! 


Looking forward to talking, 



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