Summer Shows and Booking Dates

Hey everybody! 

Come mid-month, I'm headed back out on the road for a while, joining my friends in My Epic for six shows between Louisiana and Virginia, and then working on a string of solo dates back west from there. 

I always have a bit of a conundrum when it comes to announcing tour routing as opposed to tour dates, because ideally, everything would be locked in before the word got out on the street about it.

Generally, it's more exciting for fans to do this jazz behind the scenes, and then just... announce.

At the same time, mostly because you guys are such an incredible fan base, we've had a lot of success with locking in really fun, intimate and unique shows by involving you in the process, so... 

While many of the dates below are booked, there are a few that are still open and available in and / or around the following cities.

Here's how to know what's what: all the dates in bold are booked, with tickets and locations either announced and available (see the links if they're included below), or to be announced in the coming days. 

All of the dates in italics are OPEN, meaning: if one of them falls in or around your city/region, and you're interested in connecting the dots and making a Levi The Poet show happen, we're all ears.

Hit us up at, and lets get a conversation going about locking one of these tour dates down in your hometown. 


07/17/18 – Lubbock, TX | J&B's Coffee w/ Bryce Woodason

07/18/18 – Ruston, LA | The Farm

07/22/18 – New Orleans, LA | Gasa Gasa

07/23/18 – Mobile, AL | TBA

07/24/18 – Orlando, FL | Backbooth

07/25/18 – Ocala, FL | Grand Pointe

07/26/18 – Charleston, SC | Purple Buffalo

07/27/18 – Chapel Hill, NC | Local 506

07/28/18 – Lynchburg, VA | Speakertree

07/29/18 – DC / Baltimore, MD

07/30/18 – Lancaster, PA | Realm & Reason

07/31/18 – Philadelphia, PA | The Resevoir

08/01/18 – Ithica, NY / Pittsburgh, PA

08/02/18 – Lakewood, NY | Levant Community Room

08/03/18 – Cleveland, OH

08/06/18 – Trenton, MI

08/07/18 – Indianapolis, IN

08/08/18 – Chicago, IL | Cobra Lounge

08/09/18 – Minneapolis, MN | VFW

08/10/18 – Omaha, NE

08/11/18 – Sioux Falls, SD

08/12/18 – Kansas City, MO | TBA

08/13/18 – Fayetteville, AR | TBA

08/14/18 – Oklahoma City, OK


If you'd like a little bit more information about what, exactly, one of these LTP concerts looks like, I wrote out a detailed explanation – complete with pictures, hopes and dreams, etc – here. Please take a look at that and, if you feel like being a part of this tour (or, for that matter, any future tour), please email us here, or fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

We are always adding to our list of future hosts / promoters as a part of our booking team, wherever they happen to be located - in country or out – so wherever you find yourself today, if you'd like to submit yourself as an option for future tours, please feel free to do so, and we'll reach out when it makes sense. 

In the next two weeks before this all begins, I'm home working on a new show for y'all, and I'm stoked to bring it out and share it with you this summer. 

Much love, and I'll talk to you soon, 



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