Summer Shows (HALP)!

Dear World, and specifically the Ohio / Illinois / Midwest-ish Region

Hi, it's Levi. 

I have a last-minute opportunity to book a few shows at the end of this month. 

Yes, THIS month – June 2018. 

I know it's last minute, but a couple of days ago, we got word that we've been booked to play two private shows in northern Ohio, each a week removed from one another, which leaves us with about five or six days make a short, fun tour of. 

Now that the cat's outta the bag, I'd love your help, if a Levi The Poet concert would be of any interest to the folks in that area. 

I am aware of the short notice, and am already having conversations with a few people about organizing events in between those dates that we'll be announcing soon, but it never hurts to make the opportunity known, so: 

If there is anyone reading this today who has an interest in hosting a Levi The Poet concert during the week of June 26th - July 1st (as in: the last week of this month), please reach out to us as soon as possible at:

For the sake of specificity, we're looking at: 

  • Detroit
  • Grand Rapids
  • Chicago
  • Indianapolis
  • Cincinatti
  • Columbus
  • Cleveland
  • Pittsburgh
  • other similar / surrounding areas.

These will be the first shows I've played in the US following the release of FERMENT / DEBRIS in January, Cataracts in February, and our Europe / UK tour with Listener in March. I'm very excited about the opportunity to perform some of these new poems and songs in an area that I love to play, and – again – I hope to hear back from folks as soon as possible, here:

Because this is such a last-minute and unorthodox "ask," let me simply say that I'm open to any and all types of venues / spaces for an event, and I am also open to both poetry-only and full-production shows.

My main concerns, at this point, are to make certain that attendees have a warm, welcoming and fun experience to remember (i.e. – please no inquiries about having me play atop a pile of cat litter in a bathtub while seventeen felines meow between people's legs as they stand atop a toilet to see over other human heads). 

I will keep everyone updated on the progress.

To those of you who are able to help us make that progress happen, I'll look forward to hearing from you.

To those of you look forward to the possibility of joining one another for an evening of performance and poetry... so do I. We'll see one another soon. 

Thanks so much and again, if you're wanting, willing and able to host a last-minute Levi The Poet show in your town about a month from now, please write us as soon as possible by clicking here



P.S. – We're doing things a little bit backwards in Levi The Poet world this summer. Where we normally have a full tour that takes up much of our summer beginning this month, we've pulled back the reigns a little bit to prepare an even bigger and better show for everyone come this late-Summer / Fall / Winter. Nevertheless, we're excited about connecting sooner than later, and will look forward to joining some of you for an evening together soon. 

Click here to email us about your ability to host a show at the end of June

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