2015 Sweater Design Contest


It's starting to get cold in Albuquerque. Forecasters are saying we're nearing the end of fall's remaining warmth and getting ready to enter into the coldness of winter. 

It’s that time of year again. 

For three years now, we've hosted a hoodie design contest for a new Levi The Poet pullover going into the fall and winter. It’s always hard to choose from some amazing submissions, but it’s always exciting to see what gets created. Oftentimes, we end up sharing a good amount of the submissions whether they make it to print or not. 

Each year, we back-and-forth on giving you detailed specifics. Our first hoodie design didn’t really fit with anything we were doing at the time, but we ended up loving it. The second year, an artist named John Keith, who we discovered through the contest (and now has a clothing company of his own), and who has gone on to create a couple more pieces for this project because of it, focused his submission toward the album that we released around the same time, Seasons, with an almost-camplike, minimalistic outdoorsy vibe. 

You’ve got the creative freedom to submit your art without boundaries. Examples from last year’s idea hive included lyric-specific design work from one or all of the Levi The Poet albums, photo-images that correlated with an emotion the designer connected with in a poem, quasi-anime Levi faces (no joke), kaleidoscopes, etc… and then, of course, drawings or creative images unrelated to the poems - animals, collages, busy, minimalistic, and so on. Maybe this year, you’ll want to listen through the Correspondence story and pull from the nautical, children’s story inspiration there. 

The sky's the limit. It's your piece to design. The white canvas / page / computer screen / mock-up is yours, and we look forward to seeing what you come up with.



Submissions are due by the 1st of November - about two weeks from now.

You may submit designs for the front, back, or both, of the hoodie. 

Please submit the images as a .jpg or smaller image file initially. If we like what you've sent and need to request a higher-res version, we will contact you.

We will take a look at anything and everything, but be aware that certain image resolutions will not be usable unless you are able to submit them in a usable format. Standard, hi-res images that we can work with are 300dpi, and, depending upon your submission, you may receive follow-up emails asking for a .psd (Photoshop) version so that we can resize and tweak the design to fit correctly on the hoodie. That does not mean we will not take drawings and other forms of design as well, but it does mean that though your design might be the best of all, it may not be usable. Let's avoid that and work together to give you the best possibility of winning it. 

Do not submit art work that is not yours. If you do, you must have written consent of the original artist to use his or her work, and we must be able to connect with both of you before the submission is taken into consideration. 

I have one catch / request - please "share" this blog so that as many people as possible can get in on the action. Unless you specify otherwise, I will be creating a picture folder with all of the submissions we receive for this contest at the end, after we have chosen a winner. I like art. If you do, too, let's make sure we get as much of it as possible to share and inspire one another. It's all valuable, whether it ends up on a piece of cloth or not.

Send all submissions to: levithepoetart@gmail.com



The winner of the 2015 Sweater Contest will receive:

    • ONE HUNDRED & FIFTY DOLLARS cash money for your amazing work.
    • TWO of the first batch of hoodies with your artwork printed on it, in whatever sizes you specify (that way, you can give one to your significant other, or use it as a cat bed).
    • THE COMPLETE LTP DIGITAL ALBUM DISCOGRAPHY: Werewolves, Monologues, Seasons and Correspondence (a fiction) delivered for immediate download, straight to your inbox

    Can't wait to see what you all come up with. Do work, work hard, and don't forget to have fun!



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