David Isenhower – The Sea Undone

Today, I'm pleased to share a poem by David Isenhower, titled The Sea Undone. Every month, I am featuring a piece of art submitted by a member of Fraction – be it poetry, photography, painting, video, etc. Whatever your craft, I'd love to see it. Check out Fraction today for an opportunity to see your work here.

I asked David for his permission to share this piece, originally posted on our Art Wall on the Fraction Platform, and for a brief comment regarding inspiration for the poem.


I was looking at the ocean one day and considered how its vast floor is out of sight, but littered with countless wrecks. I wanted to capture the sense that there's more to the ocean than meets the eye, then express the awfulness of the death that is wasting there. Finally I tried to share the hope that, despite the enormity of the ocean, even its hold will be broken:

"And the sea gave up the dead which were in it..." 



Hearken, you men on Neptune's bosom
Be silent for the souls in the deep
For each ocean is a grave, every sea a tomb

O'er the waves stretch the dome
B'low stretch another; cry the sea that keeps
Hearken, you men on Neptune's bosom

Peer into the locker, shattered hulls loom
Soaked in countless tears, damned to never weep
Indeed each ocean is a grave, every sea a tomb

Yet not even Neptune's murk and gloom
Can long fend off the brazen repeats
Robbing the ocean's grave and the sea's tomb

The Lord of the earth undoes the sea of doom
He rescues the sailor from a sea of sleep
He fishes for men 'neath Neptune's bosom
He delivers from the ocean's grave, the sea's tomb



Thank you for checking out these words by David.

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[Photo by Alex Stuart]

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