Tori Brynne Davis – A Letter to me, from me

Today, I'm pleased to share a poem that Tori Brynne Davis wrote. Every month, I have been featuring a piece of art submitted by a member of Fraction – be it poetry, photography, painting, video, etc. Whatever your craft, I'd love to see it. Check out Fraction today for an opportunity to see your work here.

Tori originally posted this poem to our Fraction Facebook Group page, not more than a week ago. Tori has been a member of Fraction ever since it began last March, and I've had the pleasure of meeting her in person a few times in the DFW area when I tour through. It's an honor to play some sort of role in cultivating creative expression through the group, and I'm thankful for Tori's willingness to share her piece with the world. 

Finally, asked Tori what - if anything - she’d like to say as an accompaniment to the piece: 

 “When I write things, typically it’s to convince myself of whatever I’m writing. This one I wrote to try to convince myself of my worth, and hopefully make someone else who is struggling with the same thing know that they’re not alone.”

To me,

When you shower, you fog up the mirror so that you don’t have to look at yourself when you get out.

Don’t fog up the mirror.


When you get dressed, you face away from the mirror because you hate your reflection almost as much as you hate yourself.

Face the mirror.


When you walk the halls, you look down and avoid eye contact because you feel inferior to everyone else around you.

Look up.


When you pull your hair in your face, you hide those beautiful green eyes.

Shave your head.


The last one may seem drastic, but you will not regret it.

Again I say; shave your head.


When you shave your head, you won’t have anywhere to hide, and people will look at you.

Embrace the stares.


When you feel insecure about your weight, you cut your thighs.

Don’t cut your thighs.


Think of the flowers that would die if you were to leave.

Think of Shadow and how sad he’d be.

Don’t cut your thighs.


When you feel alone you seclude yourself to validate your feelings.

You need people.

Go talk to someone.

Don’t get lost in yourself.


When you want to skip meals because you hate your weight,



You don’t have to eat a lot, but eat something.

You know you get sick when you don’t.


When you feel unwanted, reread his texts.

He wants to get to know you.

He cares.

Don’t ignore the signs.


I know you don’t like yourself, I know that there are a lot of times when you want to die,

but don’t.


You are worth so much more than you give yourself credit for.



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