Preorder: Brand New Ink-Blotch Correspondence (a fiction) Vinyl Pressings

Aesthetics and Analog are not a thing of the past. 

Today, I am pleased to announce that we are making available a brand new, completely unique, High Quality 12" Ink-Blotch Color-In-Color Vinyl Repressing of the Correspondence (a fiction) story. 

For over a year and a half now – since our original Mint / Splatter pressings released alongside the story in 2014 – YOU have been asking if we're ever going to press a second round. I'm excited to say that today is the day. 

We are, as I type this, in the middle of the production process for these Vinyl Pressings. As of now, this second batch is available for purchase, and all preorders will be packaged and shipped by Thanksgiving.

Rest assured: Christmas gifts are on their way.  

The more digital the world gets, the more meaningful it becomes to hold a piece of art in your hands - the way you used to after anticipation gave way to feeling when the doors unlocked for Record Store Day, or after you'd just purchased your favorite band's new album. This 12" High Quality Ink-Blotch Vinyl Pressing is our hope for that aesthetic:

A story. A whaler's daughter, out at sea. An orphaned son, building a treehouse for her return. The letters they write back and forth to one another, carried by the waves via the ship-captain's liquor bottles. Their love. Their beginnings. Their new beginnings. Their Correspondence.

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