Your Friendly Christmas Tour 2018: Official Art & Updates!

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Good afternoon, world!

It’s Levi (and, vicariously, Dan and Kris), and I’m here to give you an update on our fifth annual Your Friendly Christmas Tour!

First of all, this poster was designed by a good friend of mine named Justin Lauer, at Long Live. You can find/follow more of his work here

Okay, on to that new-new…

A few weeks back, we announced our potential routing for this tour. It’s called “potential” because, well, there was a possibility that it just might change. As of now, it looks like it has.

Below, you’ll see what we’ve got locked in so far, as well as the few dates/cities that we’d still love some help with.

The dates that are booked are listed in bold and have the venues listed next to them, and the ones that we still need help locking in are clearly marked as “NEED HELP” in italics.

Please email us here if you’re interested in booking one of the dates that we still have available on the calendar.

Otherwise, if there’s a show that’s already locked in here, secure your spot by getting a ticket!

We are willing to accept submissions in or around the cities listed, so if you find yourself in the area, regionally, please don’t feel like you can’t inquire about a date. We’ll review any and all serious inquiries and get back to you ASAP with details.

12/8 – Springfield, IL – Radon Lounge: Buy your tickets here

12/9 – Kansas City, MO: The Forty Four: Buy your tickets here

12/10 – Springfield/STL MO: NEED HELP

12/11 – Memphis, TN: NEED HELP

12/12 – Birmingham / Mobile, AL: NEED HELP

12/13 – Ruston, LA – The Farm: Buy your tickets here

12/14 – Bryan, TX – House Show: Buy your tickets here

12/15 – Waco, TX – Common Grounds: Buy your tickets here

12/16 – Denton, TX – Killer’s Tacos: Buy your tickets here

12/17 – Oklahoma City, OK – The Basement: Buy your tickets here

12/18 – Wichita, KS – Zack’s House: Buy your tickets here

As you can see, tickets are available now for the booked shows, so don’t sleep on it! After five years of doing this tour, a lot of the shows end up selling out. Many of the tickets are limited (living rooms can only hold so many people, you guys!) and will be gone before we know it, so don’t wait to buy yours at the door and risk getting turned away. Here’s what we suggest:

  1. See a date near you listed above.

  2. Scream and jump up and down for excitement.

  3. Call your girlfriend or boyfriend or normal friend and tell them so that you can both scream on the phone together.

  4. Click the ticket link and buy a ticket for you and at least seven of your best friends because you know that it’s an easy way to get your Christmas shopping done all at once.

  5. Come drink coffee and listen to poetry and songs and sing carols with us!

We’ll have more updates for you all soon. Until then, anyone seriously interested in filling a date in / around those four remaining cities, please email us immediately at:

Talk to you soon!

Levi, Dan and Kris

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