Your Friendly Christmas Tour

Your Friendly Christmas Tour 2015

Levi The Poet, along with Dan Smith and Kris Rochelle of Red Sweater Lullaby are pleased to announce Your Friendly Christmas Tour 2015. This is a Christmas Tour Of Homes, which means we are currently looking for a few additional hosts in the following cities which are not listed in bold, below. In order to make everything as easy as possible for our hosts, we've written out a list which we'll regard as required reading before accepting your submissions.

Here is a list of the cities we will plan to ride our reindeer into: 


Dec 6: Topeka, KS

Dec 7: Kansas City, KS

Dec 8: Omaha, NE

Dec 9: Minneapolis, MN

Dec 10: Chicago, IL

Dec 11: Springfield, IL

Dec 12: Fort Wayne, IN

Dec 13: Toledo, OH

Dec 14: Pittsburgh, PA

Dec 15: Columbus, OH

Dec 16: Cincinnati, OH

Dec 17: Nashville, TN

Dec 18: Atlanta, GA

Dec 19: Memphis, TN

Dec 20: Springfield, MO

2015 Christmas Tour Host Requirement List!

- Venue and Show Format -


Show must take place in an approved venue.* This is a tour "of homes” (but there are some exceptions). Please don't book it in a venue or a dungeon or an arena or a video game store. We're looking to create an awesome "Christmas" environment and we know that you can help. If you have a great idea, PLEASE run it by us and let's make this an amazing night together! It will be required that we see actual photographs of the venue before it is approved to limit the fun surprises, we can only take so much “fun”.


Venue big enough to comfortably seat at least 50 people. Think more "sitting and enjoying a performance for a couple hours" comfortable and less "jamming my body onto the subway and surviving for the 5 minute ride" comfortable. Venue should also be closed to the general public.

Some examples for a venue might be:

- House

- Office Space

- Community Center

- Barn

- Out door amphitheater w/ fire pit (or no fire pit)

- Art Gallery

Basically any space that brings to mind the idea of a Christmas Party and can be used solely for this particular event. Keep in mind that we will not be using any sort of PA or amplification for this show so the space must be quiet enough for the audience to hear (i.e. closed to the public with no loud espresso machines running, people screaming at the sports ball game in the bar, bleating goats, etc.).


In addition:

- There must be a Christmas tree present and it must be decorated.

- Fireplace w/ mantle & stockings preferred but not required.

- Refreshments are required. You can provide them all yourself or ask guests to bring them, but they need to be there. Where there's a party there is food and where there is food there's a party. I just made that up.


The show needs a theme. For example:

- "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" party

- Ugly Christmas sweater party

- "A Charlie Brown Christmas" party

- Christmas in Hawaii party

- Norman Rockwell Christmas party

- White Elephant Gift exchange party

- "The Office" Christmas party

- “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” party


Here’s a quick and general rundown of how one of these shows unfolds:

- Guests arrive, are greeted at the door, and begin to settle in by grabbing seats, drinks, and refreshments. Music is playing and holiday cheer abounds.

- If there is some sort of activity involved theme (ugly sweater, raffle, white elephant, etc.) everyone is invited to take a seat and said activity is explained and initiated.

- This begins the show portion. We will take care of this entire process. Sit back and enjoy some Christmas cheer with your friends and loved ones. (The show should take around 2 hours.)

- After all the performances there is typically a break for refreshments and mingling/discussing the show. This generally takes around 20 minutes or so, but we can feel it out together. There is also a great opportunity at this point to name the contest or raffle winner if it applies to this show.

- Everyone is invited to be seated again to sing 3-5 Christmas songs together.

- After the carols are sung, the host can choose to continue the party as long as they like. 


No openers (unless it is an approved magician or some sort of children’s recital [dance, piano, musical]…not kidding).


Please keep in mind that the address for the show will be posted on the websites and social media pages of three different artists, so it will be very public. This is pretty much mandatory so that walk up tickets can be purchased. If this poses a problem please:

a) Find another location where it does not pose a problem.

b) Talk to us about another idea you have and let’s figure it out together.


We will be providing online ticketing and pre-sale options, and the promotion that comes with it, from our end, but you as the host/promoter will be required to meet a minimum cost for the tour, whether it is entirely funded by ticket sales, a generous grandpa, or donations with the minimum in mind. This means that: 

- You must do your job as a promoter and promote. Promotion, generally speaking is (but is not limited to):

Actually telling someone or a group of someones that there is a Christmas party happening in your house.

- Using whatever means of social media you feel will be most beneficial to getting the word out. 

- Being a real-life social person who uses words in face-to-face conversations with other people to invite them to a fun evening. 

- In addition to promoting the pre-sale options which will be made available, you will be expected to sell tickets (or raise money in another way) to meet the goal.

- Also, please promote.

- Etc. 


Specific finance and lodging requirements will be discussed privately with potential hosts/promoters, upon inquiry, here:


If you have read through these requirements would like to host/promote in or near-to one of the cities listed in the above routing, please email us with any questions or concerns you may have. It is our goal to have this fully booked and prepared for as soon as possible so that we can give you, and everyone else, the best time for promotion and pre-sale and invites and Christmas-attire preparation. 

The possibilities are limited but numerous! If you have a great idea that isn’t on this list please share it! We want you, the host, to be as excited about this show as we are! We’re really excited to create a unique opportunity for people to make a special Christmas-time memory that they’ll recollect upon for years and years to come. Let’s do it together!


With love and a whole lot of pent up Christmas cheer, 

- Levi & Brandi, Dan, and Kris


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