Your Friendly Christmas Tour 2018

Good afternoon, folks!

Well, it’s that time of year again – the leaves are changing colors, the weather is cool, and the holidays are just around the corner.

You know what that means?


Pretty wild to think that Dan, Kris and I have been doing this for five years running, now, but it turned into a special tradition, and – from what I can tell, anyhow – a “fan favorite.”

That said, we’d like to involve YOU in our planning process this year. Here’s how it’s gonna work:

  1. We sat down and looked at an old Christopher Columbus map of the United States (since he obviously knew exactly where he was going), and made a list of our ideal routing for the drives on this tour, and the cities we’d like to play.

  2. We’re giving this list to you, to see if there’s anyone IN or AROUND the places who would like to book the date.

  3. If YOU happen to be someone who DOES want a show in or around one of the dates listed below, then you must contact us at: (serious inquiries only - enter your date and location in the email subject heading)

  4. We’ll get in touch with you regarding all of the details, and hope to have this whole thing booked and ready for promotion in no time!

Here’s the plan as it currently stands:

Christmas Tour Teaser.png

That’s it, guys! Easy as cake, simple as pie, and a whole bunch of other weird analogies that don’t make any sense to me!

Talk to you soon!

– Levi (and Dan and Kris and Brandi)

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