It's All Worth Living For

On August 28, 2017, I asked a question:

"Would you send me a video you've taken that acts as a reminder of why life is worth living?"

In the days that followed, hundreds of people submitted their memories. Their reasons. Bits and pieces of life that attest to its beauty, and each person's answer in the form of cell phone footage as captured in the moments that were worth it...

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togetherLevi The PoetComment

There is a whole world inside of the mind of each and every one of us, and none of us quite understands the other, and this place is full of enough confusion as it is without adding flames to one another's fires, or releasing wasps atop the entropy and groaning this earth already sounds beneath our feet. 

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You Are Not Floating Alone T-Shirts & Posters Now Available

We are only releasing 25 of the Not Floating Alone T-Shirts in white as pictured above, and will never print them again. They are being pressed as we speak, and we will pay them forward to you as soon as we receive them, here.

If you are able to join us at an upcoming date on the Summer '17 Tour with Keyoung, we'll have an alternate version of this design available for you there. As for the posters, I hope you love them. I've got one of my own hanging in the hallway of my house. I need the reminder as much as anyone. 

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