Braincase (Glowhouse featuring Levi The Poet)

And I don't have all of your answers
I know because I don't have all of mine
But I do know that if we both
Wrote out all of our questions
And somebody took the time
To explain all the mystery away
(Maybe in numerical order,
Calculated, textbook highlights)
They'd be cold and unable to sympathize
With divorce
With how you felt when your dad died
With the way San Francisco quaked
Like your heart break
Like our fault lines
Like the way the cityscape melts away
With the sunrise in the rear view
Like these memories aren't just mine
Like how beautiful and devastating for
Our hearts to fail at the same time

I don't have all of the answers,
But the one that I do is that there would
Be no pursuit of them
Had not someone been pursuing you. 

Don't call it "doctrine", 
Don't say "cliché",
Don't say, "cope".

Call it power,
Say it's confidence,
Say it's irresistible hope

That all of the longings that you're convinced
Are folly
And the groanings that you rationalize
Could collide with the answer that you've been seeking after
After he ignited the pursuit inside. 

And I know that there is no
Refining fire quite like suffering,
Nor suffering as devastatingly beautiful
As when God died. 

Let our wisdom stumble across
The foolishness of that broken rock
Cleft for all of our wanderings,
And resurrect in the tongues of love like

Men as trees walking
And then:
Clarity for the first time. 

Like the grace that saves you
Is the grace that keeps you
Is the grace that gives you life. 

Like "I will not let loose your eyes."