LTP Weekly Audio Edition No. 094 –

A Conversation with Brandi


Welp, this is a bit different.

And if you're here, reading this, then you must be an LTP Weekly Subscriber! Thank you so much for participating in these Sunday-night "letters" that I work on / send out every week. 

Normally, I only record the LTP Weekly for my Fraction Members, but every now and then, we do something outside of the norm and include everyone in on the fun. 

Brandi and I have been on a mini friend-cation this week, and today's our last day before getting home. We were talking earlier about how it'd be fun to record a conversation together, and send that out. 

For the most part, this conversation a half-silly / half-serious "interview" we conducted with one another based upon some of the questions that folks ask me when they fill out my brief survey that I send to folks who sign up for the LTP Weekly. 

We didn't go too crazy-deep on this one. Mostly candid and fun questions that we answered in candid and fun ways. I think that you'll also get a pretty good glimpse into Brandi's personality, especially those of you who haven't had the pleasure of meeting her yet. She's a trip - haha. 

Till things get back to normal,



P.S. – If you have any questions that arise out of this conversation, feel free to tweet me. We were dead serious about our talks of starting a podcast in the past, and have already even assembled some of the artwork for it. I don't know if or when that will happen at this point. Guess it's time to either quit it or "ship it" (read about "shipping it" on last week's LTP Weekly Letter by signing up for Fraction here). But I suppose it can't hurt to have an arsenal of "conversation starters" / "ice-breakers" for us if we ever do. Or, we'll just use them for ourselves over one of our "romantic" dinners together or something (you'll get it if you jam the audio).