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⭐️   The LTP Weekly Letter + Video & Audio Podcast: The LTP Weekly is a private letter that includes stories, thoughts and inspiration every Sunday night to start your week, including articles I haven't shared anywhere else, and personal updates on projects I'm working on. You'll receive the written letter, as well as an exclusive video-and-audio-podcast version of it – as read by yours truly – every week. 

⭐️   The Fraction Forum: Have the option of interacting with other members of this community through the Fraction Forum, where you can respond to letters, and chat with other people who are doing the same.

⭐️   The Entire Archive: Access the complete LTP Weekly history, including over 100 audio and video recordings of each week's letter (and growing). 

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⭐️   The Private Fraction Facebook Group is the most active place in the The Fraction Club. Become a Fraction member and get to know the whole community. Ask questions, lend suggestions, and interact with the LTP Weekly Letter every Sunday with other members through the private Facebook Group, where people share their work, stories and life with one another. 

⭐️   Monthly Fraction-Only Live Stream. Lets talk! Whether it's a private Q&A, suggestions you have for new material, or discussing aliens... here, for our Fraction Platinum members, we'll spend an hour or so enjoying one-another's company.

⭐️   Levi's Complete, Digital Discography. Every month – for as long as you remain a Fraction member – you'll receive a new digital download for one of Levi The Poet's albums, beginning with the newest, and moving backward through his entire collection. 

⭐️   The Fraction Club Store. Access a password-protected webstore with exclusive designs and items not available anywhere else!

⭐️   Private Listening Parties. When new releases are on the way, you'll receive free entry into our private, online listening parties. 

⭐️   Featured Artwork. Have a chance to see your work – whether poetry, painting, sketches, illustration, design, etc. – published online through a monthly, public Guest Feature on Levi The Poet's blog. 

⭐️   Never-Released Live Show Footage. Enjoy live, high-definition video recordings of seven never-before-released Correspondence (a fiction) performance pieces.

⭐️   Behind The Scenes, Drafts, and Early Releases. You'll get a first look at new chapters and lyrics, written drafts and commentary, including exclusive behind-the-scenes chances to experience and participate in the creative process. Oh, and you'll get early access to... everything.

⭐️   High School Rap Tracks. Have the opportunity to access and laugh at five rap songs that Levi wrote lyrics and beats for in high school, and recorded as a teenager in his bedroom at his parent's house.