It's All Worth Living For, Cupcake!

It's All Worth Living For, Cupcake!

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This design is only “publicly” available as an option for people who receive my birthday letters (and then, they only have a couple days to decide whether or not they want one).

Originally, I was going to keep it that way, but you know what? I swore that The Fraction Club was gonna get first dibs on everything, so that’s gotta mean “everything.”

The idea here was simple: collaborate with an excellent illustrator (my friend Justin at Long Live Design) to create something that would be both recognizable and fun.

I mean, a birthday skeleton handing you a cupcake with your godawful cup of coffee is pretty good, and there’s got to be some humor in a smiling dead guy telling you it’s all worth living for.

So, whether it’s your birthday today, or you want to buy one of these for a friend or family member, or for a dog who likes to wear human clothes, it’s available for you – in TFC – year round.

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