Typewritten & Signed by Levi

Typewritten & Signed by Levi

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This is another example of a birthday gift that I knew I needed to include here in The Fraction Club store, as well.

If you would like me to type up something special on this old Sterling, I will! I'll do it on thick, high-quality card stock paper – or maybe an old map, or something like that – that you can frame, or scrapbook, or just plain scrap if you want - lol!

I'll type it, sign it, and ship it straight to your doorstep, too. 

Here's how it works: 

  • When you go to check out, you'll see a section where you can add a note to your order. That is where you'll tell me exactly what you want typed out for your birthday. (I am willing to type out quite a lot, but please be reasonable. The length-limit, for instance, is no more than ONE full poem. Most people ask for a section of a poem, or a favorite phrase, or even a custom phrase of your own, etc. Depending upon your request, and how doable it is, I may reach out to you in order to negotiate a realistic compromise, but I think that common sense should suffice, here.)

  • PLEASE NOTE: I am using a typewriter, and one of my favorite things about this medium is the rawness it gives. Although I will pay attention to detail, you should expect some typos, and "x" / white-outs, etc. These things are, as they say, a part of the vibe. 

Also, if you decide you’d prefer to treat this as a gift bought for a friend or family member, instead, let me know! I can definitely type something out for them on your behalf, as well. :-) Just shoot me an email to hello@levithepoet.net and I’ll get back to you!

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