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"Every week I'm really blown away by the thoughts that you have and the way that you share them. I get to see a little bit into the perspective of someone who creates both for his own sake, and for the sake of others. You and your work in a human and relational way... is important to me."

- Hannah Kluender

"I can't begin to express how deeply thankful I am for your letters each week. Each week I am left with something to ponder, wrestle with, and grow from. Thank you for your commitment, your courage, and your heart to this weekly letter and everything else that you are bold enough to share with the world."

- Grant McCoy

"Your words are a source of comfort. Your music is calming. Your weekly email is the best thing to read on the train after a day of school work and training. I am truly grateful for the impact your words. The way you have been able to share so very much, also providing a new train of thought."

- Ellen Perry