It's All Worth Living For: Round Brass Keyring

It's All Worth Living For: Round Brass Keyring



On August 28, 2017, I asked a question:

“Would you send me a video you’ve taken that acts as a reminder for why life is worth living?”

In the days that followed, hundreds of people submitted their memories. Their reasons. Bits and pieces of life that attest to its beauty, and each person’s answer in the form of cell phone footage as captured in the moments that were worth it…

I know some of these people, but most, I don’t. Most of whom don’t know one another. And yet, collected in a folder like an umbrella and pieced together in a film as though each clip were absolutely integral to the next:


Every snippet a fraction of the whole whose common denominator is life. I watched every piece of its abundance in the simplest reminders for why it has been worth living:

“Dog at home.”

“Friends talking at sunset.”


“Brother swims after 9-month battle with cancer.”

“You may kiss the bride.”

“Wife holding newborn son.”

I couldn’t hold the tears back.

What was it, I wonder, that was so special about that particular road trip? The one where you filmed the trees passing by through a window smudged with fingerprints and morning dew?

What captured your heart during that specific walk around the neighborhood?

What was going on in your mind that made your lunch in the park so peaceful that day?

What were you laughing about with your mom?

How good was that latte in Houston this week? Was the warmth a dichotomy that filled up your heart while the rainwater filled up your home?

Watching all of these videos—piecing them together—I realized that the humblest reasons made for the most beautiful of them. I thought that it is easy for us to get caught up in comparisons and jealousies, wishing for the grandiose, despairing when the life we’re living doesn’t seem to measure up against the photos that stack up like taunts in our Instagram feed…

But there are no filters on these memories. Just you and the cat crawling on your face, or the sloppiest wedding kiss, or the clumsiest fall into the stream, or the sourest face undone, or the messiest hair unmade.

These unkempt pieces, arguably mundane, that have somehow made their way into our hearts as moments worth remembering.

I wonder what clips you’ll capture tomorrow?

This year?


There will be more like them. This from a person who didn’t believe that himself six months ago, etching anxiety into his identity like it was all he could be. But I’ve filmed some videos since then, and no matter what the future holds, I think I’ll film some more.

So will you. That future’s worth staying for…

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