Monologues EP


2009 - 2011 found Levi The Poet on tour for 8 to 10 months out of the year. Two days before Thanksgiving '11, Levi released a follow up - the Monologues EP - through Come&Live! Records. The album consisted of only five tracks but boasted a lengthy 41 minutes of poetry. "Kaleidoscope" and "Memories" became fan favorites and, as Levi's writing matured, so did his interest in narrative. Truth exists within a narrative, and Levi The Poet was becoming an invitation to engage in a greater story. Monologues asked questions. It recalled life on the road and what it was like to "live the dream" away from loved ones at home. It told the story of a woman who wondered whether she would ever see beauty or color. It looked hard at love and abuse and loss and life. Its final track became an artistic retelling of Luke's biblical gospel, an ode to the ultimate Storyteller.

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Two tracks from the Monologues EP - Kaleidoscope and Memories - have become fan favorites, staples among Levi The Poet releases. Watch the videos for both here: