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Seasons, Levi The Poet's third release, and first true studio album to date, was released in December 2012. It was an experiment that altered the course of the project. With the help of his wife, Brandi Macallister, Levi teamed up with Glowhouse's Alex Sugg and Lowercase Noise's Andy Othling to incorporate their creative musicianship into the record. For the first time, Levi The Poet was more than words. Writing and recording with three accomplished musicians was a learning curve for an artist who was anything but. Trying to explain song flow and direction through humming out-of-key ideas must have been tedious to discern, but they added priceless voices to Levi's tone-deaf conversation. Even so, Seasons wasn't so much a "music album" as it was a spoken word record with songs included. Lyrically, it stands unparalleled by his previously released work. Levi's faith in the God of the bible, preceding years of theological study, recent marriage, and the deep loss of his father to suicide spurred him to write through a more doctrinally clarified lens than previous experiences had allowed for. Through it all, Seasons simultaneously became Levi's darkest and brightest, despairing and hope-filled, suffered and redeemed album to date.

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Watch a couple of the official Seasons' videos that came out with the album in 2012: