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A hobby in the summer of 2009 marked the beginning of Levi's touring career, when a group of friends invited him to hop in their van for a tour of the West Coast. In autumn of that year, he released his first full-length spoken word album, Werewolves. It was recorded in a friend's bedroom with a handkerchief rubber-banded to the bottom of a blown out styrofoam cup for a pop filter. Werewolves was the epitome of what Levi became known for - a raw, unapologetic exploration of what it would look like to unveil the deepest places of a person's heart for all to see. The debut, at it's truest, was an autobiography of the years that had led Levi to where he was. As it turned out, it was the biography of a vast amount of other people, as well, who had finally found their thoughts, addictions, doubts and hopes articulated vicariously through another man's mouth. 

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Here are a few classic videos from Levi The Poet's early Werewolves' days: