is Levi The Poet's fourth studio album, but it is the beginning of a whole new story: artistically for him, conceptually for you, and literally for the fiction's characters.

A tale of beginnings, and of new beginnings. Letters - Correspondence - between young lovers, separated by the sea. The girl, a whaler's daughter, drifting at the whims of her ship's captain. The boy, an orphan, hand to the plow and building a tree house for her return, for their home. It is their history, it is their future. Who knows... maybe you'll find your own [non]fiction in theirs. 

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"Earth's crammed with heaven, and every common bush a fire with God, but only he who sees takes off his shoes. The rest sit around plucking blackberries."

- Elizabeth Barrett Browning

We always wanted Correspondence to be a story that pointed beyond itself.

Songs that exist beyond the context of the story.

If you happen to be a video maker, live performer, commercial somebody, etc. interested in integrating this story into yours, you can easily license it through the music bed.

JUNE / JULY 2015


Correspondence (a fiction) is live at itunesbandcamp, or wherever fits your digital fancy. physical packages available at our online store