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The Fraction Club

Support Levi The Poet’s creative work by joining The Fraction Club, where you’ll receive exclusive patron-perks like:

Access to unreleased writing – including poetry, essays and articles – video broadcasts, audio podcasts, an exclusive webstore, the private online Discord community, and more.


Hi, my name is Levi. I've been creating art as a writer, speaker and spoken-word poet for ten years. Click any of the options below to read more of the what and why behind my work, and consider helping me continue in it by joining The Fraction Club.

+ A little bit about me

Hi. My name is Levi, and I'm a human.

I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I have a wife named Brandi who loves Crossfit and a cat named Gilbert who loves food and a dog named Francis who loves fetch and I love all of them in entirely different and not even close to equal ways.

I created The Fraction Club because – crazy as it seems to me – a bunch of people regularly ask my wife and I how they can support us, and how they can support Levi The Poet, so that I can keep on writing, Brandi can keep on lifting heavy things, Gilbert can keep putting on weight and Francis can keep running around in circles.I love to write and I love to perform and I love to make people feel as valuable as I know that they are. I love to create lyrics and albums and invite other people to listen to them.

Not a few noteworthy authors have said that, "We read to know we're not alone."

I believe we write and share and practice vulnerability and community and dance for much the same reason.

I've been doing all of that, and more, for the past ten years, all over the place, and now I’d like to invite you to do it with me, here.

+ A brief history

In 2009, I started a one member "band" called Levi The Poet which included... me.

I sort of just yelled a lot in between the other bands I loved (who also yelled a lot, but to music). I started touring all over the country and lived on the road for 8 to 10 months out of the year, performing... everywhere.

In 2011, Brandi and I got married, and she joined me on the road, where we've pretty much stayed since then. Now it's 2019, and by some miraculous grace of God and the gifts that people are, we're still kicking.

I have been writing poetry, recording records and touring more of the globe than I ever thought I’d see in my life – let alone play shows in – for a full decade now, and your membership in this subscription-based club will help me continue to create and grow this project.

“Fraction” means a part of the whole, and that’s what I’d like to invite you to be.

When you sign up, I’ll send you an invitation to our private Discord server, where you can get access to a ton of exclusive writing, a private club store, and so much more… read all about it below!

+ A list of things that cost money

Web Tools.

Whether it's hosting a site, domain fees, email service platforms, graphic design tools, creative subscriptions, Google for work – you name it – it adds up.

Video & Photo & Illustration & Music.

Photographers or videographers ain't cheap. Illustrators too often get the shaft. The musicians and producers who have helped us create what we have thus far deserve fair compensation. We've always tried to create an aesthetic of excellence that LTP followers have come to recognize... we hope to get even better at it.

Marketing & Promotion.

Advertising through agencies has never been a possibility, because it costs a lot of money to run anything through them, and the majority of indie artists simply don't have it. We certainly haven't. We'd love the chance to explore more creative ways of getting upcoming releases in front of folks.

Recording, Packaging & Production.

In times past, we have used Preorder Packages & Kickstarter to make "big asks" of people when we have new things coming out. I hope that, through smaller, more consistent support, we can create a more sustainable method based upon our Patron support.

Being Alive, and Time, and Home.

Brandi and Gilbert and Francis I would love to eat food, and sleep under a roof, and wear clothes (well, Gilbert doesn't wear clothes – we're not those kinds of pet people). We have learned to live a life characterized by minimalism.

Excess doesn't define our long-term goals, but sustainability does.

Through The Fraction Club, we hope that this can become a bit more realized beyond the necessity of being separated by the road for half of the year, as I continue to write and create what I hope you will continue to love.

+ Why ask for patron support?

The thing about being one man band is that there's only one of you.

If you're an independent artist, then you're also:

  • the label

  • the promotional team

  • the creative director

  • the distribution company

  • the booking manager

  • the tour manager

  • the day driver

  • the overnight driver

  • the accountant

  • the tax filer

  • the merchandise buyer

  • the store manager

  • the shipping station

  • the email responder

  • the customer service rep

  • the copy writer

  • the marketing team

  • the social media manager

  • the website builder

  • the campaign manager

  • the connection builder

  • etc...

And also, every now and then, you get to do what love, and create.

  1. We want to keep on keeping on. And, if we are to believe what so many of you as LTP Family and fans have said, so do you. In my wildest dreams, I never would have imagined that I'd be able to do this for the past eight years. Brandi and I still believe that this project holds value and potential for the future, but as times change, we are continually re-imagining how to provide art for you who have made this possible. Is it shows? Is it records? Is it books? Is it weekly letters and conversation? Is it all of the above? So many people – throughout the years – regularly ask how they can be of support to us in this endeavor, and Patreon seems to have been created as a specific answer to that exact question.

  2. We want LTP to grow... and growth requires helping hands. Here's the thing, I don't really like wearing every hat in the company. Though I've learned a lot, the gifts that I long to cultivate are not administrative – they're creative. Throughout the years, we have been able to hire different friends and take small steps toward pushing past what we're able to do on our own, but the truth is that without the resources to give workers their wages – we are limited.

We want to push past the ceiling and create a sustainable model for growth and consistency.

I want to be able to spend my time cultivating the work that I love, and what others have actually come to value, and certainly that which I am best at – which is writing, creation and performance.




Membership Tiers


Standing Room

$3.99 Per Month


⭐️   The "LTP Weekly" Letter Archive: Access three year’s worth of stories, thoughts and inspiration each night to start your week, including articles I haven't shared anywhere else, and personal updates on projects I'm working on. The written letter includes topics ranging from poetry, art and creativity to faith and spirituality to the DIY life, and more. 

⭐️ Access to my Discord Server: Join myself and other members in online community and conversation through my private Discord server – an app-based platform specific to The Fraction Club (think of it like Facebook Groups, but a whole lot better). I need your help to make this show the best that it can be! Suggest new material, give me topic ideas for video/podcast recordings, and more.

The Front Row

$6.99 Per Month


⭐️   The Entire Written, Audio and Visual Archive: Access the complete LTP Weekly history, including over 130+ audio and video recordings of each week's exclusive letter. 

⭐️   The Fraction Club Store. Access a password-protected web-store with exclusive designs and items not available anywhere else!

⭐️   Exclusive, storewide discounts on every new Levi The Poet release – be it a t-shirt or an album, physical or digital, old or new – you name it – for as long as you remain a Fraction member.

⭐️ Interview Status: Suggest questions for the Q&A episodes and poems/songs for the lyric breakdown episodes.

⭐️ Fraction-only Update/Q&A Recordings: I’ll fill you in on project progress, what’s going on with me, and answer questions submitted by club members.

⭐️   Access to a growing, Fraction-Only Private Music Playlist. Life is loud. Drown out the noise with this specially curated Fraction-Only Spotify Playlist.

⭐️   Free, 50-pg eBook on the relationship between Belief and Creativity.

⭐️   Increased access to The Fraction Club Discord Server: Unlock new conversation channels and gain growing access to our Discord Server, where you can respond to letters, share interests and chat with other people who are doing the same.

Backstage Pass

$9.99 Per Month


⭐️   Levi's Complete, Digital Discography. Every month – for as long as you remain a Fraction member – you'll receive a new digital download for one of Levi The Poet's albums, beginning with the newest, and moving backward through his entire collection. 

⭐️   Private Listening Parties. When new releases are on the way, you'll receive free entry into our private, online listening parties. 

⭐️   Featured Artwork. Share your work – whether poetry, painting, sketches, illustration, design, etc. – through our private Discord channel, and make sure other members see what you’re making in this world.

⭐️   Never-Released Live Show Footage. Enjoy live, high-definition video recordings of seven never-before-released Correspondence (a fiction) performance pieces.

⭐️   Behind The Scenes, Drafts, and Early Releases. You'll get a first look at new chapters and lyrics, written drafts and commentary, including exclusive behind-the-scenes chances to experience and participate in the creative process. Oh, and you'll get early access to... everything.

⭐️   High School Rap Tracks. Have the opportunity to access and laugh at five rap songs that Levi wrote lyrics and beats for in high school, and recorded as a teenager in his bedroom at his parent's house. 

⭐️   Complete Access to The Fraction Club Discord Server. Unlock each channel and gain full access to every conversation happening on our platform – including voice chat! Ask questions, lend suggestions, and interact with newly released material and updates through our private Discord server, where people share their work, stories and life with one another. 


Don't want to select a tier?

Make a custom pledge.

Prefer to make a one-time gift?

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What project is The Fraction Club currently supporting?

As I type this, I am two months out from the ten year anniversary of my first record release (Werewolves).

Countless times throughout the past decade, people have asked me whether my poetry exists in print.

It hasn’t.

But it will soon.

The book will be some parts poetry and some parts memoir. Some parts art and photography and some parts commentary.

Fraction Club members get to be a part of the creation process in real-time.

Through our Discord Community, I am sharing frequent updates, including screenshots, photography, commentary, live video broadcasts of work sessions where people can hang out while it happens, new writing that will be included in and accompany the collections, etc.

In the final version of the book, all supporting Fraction Club members will have their names included and thanked in the book for helping fund this project.

Screen Shot 2019-08-14 at 12.53.05 PM.png

252 Fraction Members. Current Goal? 300.


what others are saying:



every piece is a part of the whole, and that includes you



I want Fraction Club Members to feel safe and well-informed within this Community.

Q: Why Fraction?

A: Good question. There are two answers for it:

Philosophically, a Fraction is a part of a whole, and I believe that each part of that whole matters. You matter. You are a part of the whole as much as I am. Our pasts are a part of the whole, and they matter. Additionally, each part of the creative process matters, regardless of how menial it may seem, or how small we may feel. We need one another. The whole story matters, and we're all a part of it.

Commercially, Fraction is (mind the pun) a fraction of the whole, as well. Fraction serves to function as an ongoing part of LTP, and fuel the other pieces both financially and creatively, be they new albums, books, workshops, etc. Simply put, this is one product among many that serves to make the whole vision possible.

Q: How is The Fraction Club any different than the LTP Newsletter?

A: The Fraction Club is an entirely new experience, and the LTP Newsletter is a more general, free list for people who want updates when big news happens only: like a new record, or a new product line, or a new show in your area. The Fraction Club is so much more than that. When you join The Fraction Club, not only do you have my committment to your stories, thoughts and inspiration each week, you have the ability to listen to audio versions, watch video versions, as well as community discussion, behind-the-scenes looks at new tracks and chapters as they come along, built-in, early access to final releases, exclusive merchandise, discounts and more for as long as you remain a part of the Fraction.

Q: How Do You Host This Community and What Is Discord?

A: Once you join The Fraction Club, you will need to download an application called Discord (available on both desktop and mobile). You can think of our Discord community the way you might think of a private Facebook group, or a Patreon page that only members have access to. Discord is the primary way that I and The Fraction Club communicate (as opposed to email, other forms of social media, etc).

Q: Can you clarify how Fraction membership works?

A: Yes. When you sign up for The Fraction Club, you will be charged the amount listed – specific to your purchase choice – and receive access to everything included in your package. After 12 months, if you are a yearly payee, your membership will automatically renew, unless cancelled. The same is true for monthly recurring users.

Q: So, for the sake of clarity: The Fraction Club is a membership program?

A: Yes. Think of The Fraction Club like Patreon. It is a recurring membership program, and your card will be kept on SSL protected file which will autorenewal on either a monthly or yearly basis, depending upon your purchase.

Q: What about refunds?

A: Fraction Club Membership is a nonrefundable purchase.

Q: Will new updates and additional materials be automatically included in my plan?

A: Yes. If we decide to add more content to any of the above plans, you will have access to anything and everything that is included as an update or "new version" of your membership tier.

Q: If I want to upgrade my plan to a higher Fraction tier and gain access to more than I currently have, will I be able to?

A: Yes, you can upgrade your plan at any time.

Q: What about the exclusive store and souvenirs available upon purchasing a Fraction Club Membership?

A: The Fraction Store and what is available upon entry into the club is always changing and growing. Because Fraction is so closely tied into Levi The Poet as a whole, exclusive products relevant to your membership may not be available immediately, but in relation to parallel releases (like a new album, book, etc) when they become available.

Q. About the LTP Weekly – is it exclusive to us, or will other people get to read it on your blog?

A. The LTP Weekly is a combination of letters that have been reserved exclusively for Fraction members, and others that are more like "beta" content that you get to see before anyone else does, comment on, and – in a lot of ways – participate in. Your feedback helps clarify what actually goes to the public eye. Levi The Poet reserves the right to publicly publish any of the Weeklies as he sees necessary. (As of now, the LTP Weekly has been replaced with bigger project goals, although the full archive is available to members, indefinitely.)

Q: When, where, for what and how often can I use my storewide Levi The Poet discount code?

A: Immediately,, for everything and as often as you'd like for as long as you remain a Fraction member.

Q: Is Fraction a one-time fee or billed monthly?

A: All Fraction Club Packages are billed on a recurring basis. The "All-In" Packages, for instance, will be billed either monthly or yearly, depending upon which option you choose. The "LTP Weekly" Package is billed monthly.

Q: Is my billing & credit card information safe?

A. Absolutely. Fraction is built on a fully encrypted platform complete with SSL certificates.

Q: If I get busy and miss a week, will I still have access to / be able to catch up in the future?

Yes. You will have full access to everything the Fraction Membership provides for as long as you remain a member.

Q: Will I have any personal access to Levi The Poet?

A: Levi actively participates in The Fraction Club's Discord server, where he hosts / administrates the community, a few times per week to interact and answer questions. He will try his best to get back to as many people as possible using a variety of means, including (but not limited) upcoming letters, public blogs, the monthly live stream, a video, comment or presentation.